The 8 Least Romantic Date Spots

When a man takes me on a date, I want to be wowed. Unless it’s a date with a man that I met online. Then I am open to a generic coffee date at Starbucks or a slice at Ray’s Pizza (actually, the New Yorker in me finds that very romantic). Because, you know, he may be a future stalker.

So, what must a man (that I’ve met offline and find attractive) do to dazzle my pants off? There must be wining (cause I’m a bit of a wine-o), romance (a bouquet of peonies does a heart good) and creativity.

Don’t get me wrong. A night out at a restaurant is nice, but it isn’t romantic. A drink at a bar makes my heart flutter but it won’t have me tripping over you, unless I’ve had too much tequila. But it’s better than the following places. Without further ado, here are the eight least romantic date spots.

  • Dating No Nos 1 of 9
    The 8 Least Romantic Date Spots

    If a date has ever taken you to one of these date spots, he has done you wrong (quoting Nene Leakes). Check out the slideshow! 

  • A Hot Dog Stand 2 of 9
    Hot Dog Stand

    A hot dog is made up of many nasty things, so imagine how disappointed I'd be if a man took me to a hot dog stand on a date? He's lucky I don't scoop up a cup of dirty hot dog water and dump it over his head. 

    Photo Credit: Flickr/RosieBaileyStevenson

  • The Mall 3 of 9

    The mall is a place for teenage girls to ogle at other teenager boys while snickering about the teenage girls they hate. But there's great bars there and dining options, you say. It doesn't matter, sir. If I have to dodge pimple-faced kids and clog my ears to silence their giggles, it is not romantic. 

    Photo Credit: Flickr/Sea-Turtle

  • By The Hudson or Jersey 4 of 9
    Hudson River

    A restaurant that sits by any river in New Jersey, or the Hudson River in NYC, could be romantic if it weren't for the stench of dead fishes and pollutants. Want to romance me by a sea of water? It's called the Caribbean, baby. 

    Photo Credit: Flickr/Promaine

  • TGIF’s 5 of 9
    TGIF Restaurant

    I may say thank goodness it's Friday every Friday after work but it doesn't mean I want to go to the chain restaurant for our date. That includes the fancy Olive Garden or any BBQ joint ever. No restaurant chains whatsoever. 

    Photo Credit: Flickr/BeLeaveMe

  • Starbucks 6 of 9

    Taking a woman out for coffee is definitely not romantic. Taking a woman to a Starbucks, where laptops abound and baristas always get my name wrong ("Katie, is there a Katie?!") is even worse. If you must go for coffee (but why would you?) then at least make it a Parisian-style coffee shop. Take her to Serendipity in NYC where the movie Serendipity was filmed. Do something other than asking for extra caramel in your latte. 

    Photo Credit: Flickr/36055669@N06

  • Bowling 7 of 9
    Bowling Alley

    Do I look like your sister? No. So why are you taking me bowling on a date that's supposed to be romantic! Sure, the heavy balls and pins are kind of a turn on but just for a second. I mean, the ugly, required bowling shoes kill the mood just on their own. And the odor, oh, the odor. For that, just take me to the Hudson River. 

    Photo Credit: Flickr/DCJohn

  • Museum 8 of 9

    So you want to show off you're a smart pants, huh? That's great but it's doing nothing for my loins. Standing around in a large room while starring at paintings is way to...snooty. Yes, art is beautiful and must be appreciated. I go to museums and enjoy them. But a night with Monet and Picasso would only be romantic if they would paint me themselves. 

    Photo Credit: Flickr/Erwyn

  • A Nightclub 9 of 9

    A date at a nightclub can be sexy but it isn't romantic. Romance is soft and attentive and intimate. Rocking to a Pitbull song in the middle of the dance floor is not. Fun, sure, but not romantic. So, save your dancing shoes for another night, or prepare to take a walk down to a hot dog stand. 

    Photo Credit: Flickr/WhiskeyTango


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