The Art of Holding Hands Forever: Pictures of Elderly Couples in Love

Everywhere you turn these days you can find people spouting off about marriage, about what makes a good one and what doesn’t.

Hell, I’ve taking my wild stabs at it too, right here in this very column. But like a lot of things that appear on the internet, when it comes to the opinions of others there is usually a galaxy of hot breath mixed in there with the scraps of useful observation.

Love has always been a pretty popular topic; novels, songs, paintings, all of the best art is steeped in it somehow or another.

And in many ways it is almost easier to process the boundless possibilities that love holds, as well as its potential for great heartache and pain, by allowing ourselves the gift of art with its roundabout way of leading us to our own conclusions rather than, say, following the pied piper-ish tune played by yet another cyber goofball who likes to lie claim they have some sort of a perfect marriage or an unstoppable love affair while the rest of us mortals are out here getting our asses handed to us by Cupid himself as we spend half our waking moments and no short amount of our dream time trying to figure out what the hell is going on down there in our hearts and our guts on a daily basis.

Yeah, that’s a whole lot of hot breath right there, but now you see what I mean, huh?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes you can back battleships full of someone else’s words up to your door but still come away as mystified and uncertain about a thing like love as you’ve ever been; I’m saying that real love, the kind that defines a lifetime spent sharing your life with someone else, for better or for worse, that it’s a hard thing to verbalize.

Sometimes though, when I’m out in the world, it suddenly all makes sense somehow.

There I am, crossing some city street or walking around in a park with my kids, chucking bread wads at husky ducks who have lost their wild inhibition, when I’ll suddenly notice a couple that has to be like in their 80’s, I’d say.

Look at that, I hum to myself. Would you just take a look at that

They stand there taking a breather from their traveling. They are cutting across the the land together, her frail sweatered arm tucked up nice and tightly in his elbow crook as he leans hard left on a cane that just might be holding the both of them up as far as I can tell.

And in that brief moment of living it hits me hard. I am looking at a very long complex story with my own two eyes. Yeah, I will likely never hear their tale, but it doesn’t really matter, because I have a feeling, just by the time-proven osmosis of strangers passing each other on the journey that I get the gist of it all.

They have loved and known high romance. They have kissed on the sunset beach, strolled grand boulevards in the morning rain.

And they have hurt like hell and suffered innumerable loss together. Buried love and drpped real tears on each other’s clothes.

They have shared the highs and they have tramped through the lows.

But here they: are crossing the park,  getting some fresh air, arm-in-arm on a cool late winter afternoon… just nailing everything in the end.

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  • Together 2 of 23
    The way their heads are bent together whether they're conversing or just enjoying the quiet moments together is awesome.
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  • Play 3 of 23
    Don't forget to take time away from teh business of life.
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  • Time 4 of 23
    Couples who have been together for a long time often seem to have acquired a certain sort of grace, a kind of unspoken harmony with each other.
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  • Holding Hands 5 of 23
    Holding Hands
    It's difficult to describe the kind of message that an older couple holding hands sends out into the world. But it is a very powerful one. And that is a good thing.
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  • Staying in Love 6 of 23
    Staying in Love
    Falling in love is beautiful but staying in live is very special.
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  • Walking 7 of 23
    Another one with the same quote... But the picture speaks more than those words.
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  • Best Friends 8 of 23
    Best Friends
    Something tells me this couple has used humor as a major ingredient in their longlasting relationship.
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  • Crossing Life’s Bridges 9 of 23
    Crossing Life's Bridges
    To still want to be this close to each other after all these years is amazing.
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  • Forever 10 of 23
    The tender kiss of a best friend to the end.
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  • Two Against the World 11 of 23
    Two Against the World
    Two people, when bonded by years of togetherness and shared experience, are pretty much the definition of 'love affair'.
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  • Love 12 of 23
    To sit back and relax a bit knowing that the person just over there has loved you for such a long long time, that has to be a very cool feeling,
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  • Confidants 13 of 23
    If we are lucky, we find one person in this lifetime who we feel totally comfortable sharing all of our dreams and fears with. Elderly couples seem to be walking advertisements for that notion.
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  • Naturals 14 of 23
    It's pretty easy to be inspired by people who have loved each other for a very long time. They are naturals together, and seeing them like that is good for our own love affairs.
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  • Sidekicks 15 of 23
    Sometimes I think that, from afar, I tend to imagine that elderly couples are talking about serious stuff when they are walking down the street together. But then I remember how my wife and me converse, how we rib each other and try to get the other one to laugh, and it dawns on me that I bet that's just the way those older folks are too. Except they're probably way better at it.
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  • Dancing 16 of 23
    Is there anything more inspiring when it comes to love's possibilities than a long-time couple dancing together?
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  • Commitment 17 of 23
    You can always be certain that any relationship between two people who fell in love long ago has gone through many many tough times. Yet the fact that they are still standing there, holding hands or square dancing together or just eating their lunch quietly beside one another...that speaks volumes to the power of what thy have achieved with their commitment to the other person.
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  • Easy 18 of 23
    Sometimes I spot an older couple walking along and I think that they make being in love look so easy. But the truth is, that just comes with the territory, and with all of that time and energy and heart that they've put in to it.
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  • Making Peace 19 of 23
    Making Peace
    I suppose that as we grow older there is much that we will find ourselves wanting to make peace with. Old lovers strolling arm-in-arm, they seem really lucky to have each other, to have someone to help talk them through all of the parts of their lives they want, or need, to reckon with.
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  • Smiles 20 of 23
    There is a lot of power to be had in this world and a lot of people out there chasing it. But the power that emanates from an elderly couple's dual smiles might just be one of the toughest powers to earn for yourself. Not to mention one of the best, too.
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  • Affection 21 of 23
    I feel lucky somehow when I see old couples hanging on to each other for balance or just sitting holding hands on a bench somewhere. I see them and their affection, STILL so alive after all of these years, and it casts a slight spell over me.
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  • Goodbyes/No Goodbyes 22 of 23
    Goodbyes/No Goodbyes
    I cannot comprehend the kind of sadness or loneliness that might come with the Earthly ending to a long romance. But still, I get the feeling that when love has been alive for so very long, each partner in the deal probably knows that it still lives on long after one of them has to get going.
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  • Love 23 of 23
    There is a lot to be said for everlasting love. We all hope for it, in our own way. And it does our souls good to see that it does indeed happen all the time.Old folks holding hands or dancing together, they are reminders to each and every one of us that we have what it takes...if we want it bad enough.
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