The Best Relationship Advice I Received in 2013

This is my last post for Babble of 2013, and it has me looking back over the year. Not just at what I’ve written for Babble, but my marriage as well. Through the year I’ve received a lot of relationship advice, and I’ve shared a lot of the advice I’ve given here on Babble. Hopefully it has had a good impact on your relationships.

My marriage has experienced ups and downs, but when I reflect I can say it definitely has grown. My wife and I are wearing the “MentoRING” in our marriage. We are at that point where we’ve experienced a lot in our marriage, we’ve overcome a lot in our marriage, so now we are sharing our experiences, lessons, successes and failures in order to help the relationships of others become better.

So, to close out the year I am sharing The Best Relationship Advice I Received in 2013. I believe if you take this advice and apply to your relationship where needed you can continue the path to a better relationship.

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    Best Relationship Advice in 2013

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  • Being attracted to your spouse makes life better 2 of 11
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    Some people believe beauty is skin deep. I shared how much I am attracted to my wife physically, but realize her inner beauty has made my life that much better.

  • Married or Single: Both have advantages, but one is better for you 3 of 11

    I lived a great single life, but I've realized that the married life I live now is best for me. Realizing what is best for you is important. Don't be pressured into one or the other.

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  • Take time to create a solid foundation 4 of 11

    Nothing can survive without a solid foundation. When you are entering into a relationship, especially a long-term relationship like marriage, it is vital to create a solid foundation for your relationship, or it will fall.

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  • Say the things they really want to hear you say 5 of 11
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    I learned the power of encouragement for my wife, and I found out it has a similar impact on other relationships. One of the best ways to show encouragement in your relationship is with your words. Use your words to encourage your significant other.

  • Respect their feelings 6 of 11

    I came clean and some of the fellas were a little upset about it. I let the world know that men have feelings too, and ladies you should stop hurting them. Really, it is important to respect their feelings, and do your best to not hurt him/her.

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  • Men need to step up our game 7 of 11
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    There are some phenomenal women in the world. Sometimes the men are not up to their standards, but we should be. So, men need to step up their games so they be all the man their woman needs.

  • Study them and discover more about them 8 of 11

    There is a stage in marriage called the "DiscoveRING." This "ring" of marriage can be an eye-opener for many because they see things they have never seen before. But it should be embraced, because wonderful things happen in your relationship when you discover more about your spouse.

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  • Sometimes your relationship needs to be tested 9 of 11
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    In school you are tested to see how well you are grasping the new concepts being taught. Every once in a while your relationship needs to be tested to see where you are. And tests can come in very unexpected forms. But they reveal areas which you can work on and improve your relationship.

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  • Have a plan to improve your relationship 10 of 11

    "Fail to plan, plan to fail" is one of my favorite quotes, and a very popular one. We plan to have success in so many area. So, why not create a plan to make our relationship successful? A plan to improve your relationship is a must.

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  • Know what the "ring" really means 11 of 11

    I mentioned our marriage has gone through many different stages, or rings. Some had both my wife and I dumbfounded. We both wish we knew what ring we were wearing at the time, so we could better handle what we were dealing with and know how to grow enough to wear a new marriage ring. Become familiar with The 7 Rings of Marriageâ„¢, so you can understand how it can help your relationship.

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Question: What is the best relationship advice your received in 2013?

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