The Happily Married Man

What do you think makes a happily married man?  When most people think of what a person wants in marriage, they think from the woman’s perspective.  Almost like men don’t care or value marriage.

The question is rarely asked, “what do men want in marriage?”  I mean it takes two people to get married, so why so little emphasis on what guys want?

Marriage was far from my mind

Although there isn’t a big deal made about it, there are happily married men.  And I’m sure there are men who one day want to become a happily married man.

The Happily Married Man
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Honestly, I don’t remember having any plans or thoughts of what it would be like to be married.  I think I assumed one day I’d get married, and I’d eventually have kids.

But I didn’t put too much thought into who, when, or anything else.

The married man experiment

I came across an article in the Huffington Post where an experiment was conducted on men.  The men were married, faithful, and happy about it.  They weren’t looking for other fulfillment outside of their marriages.

They answered questions ranging from how they have made their marriage work, to whether they are tempted, and their misconceptions about men and marriage.

Here are a few insights which stood out which I agree with, that I got from reading the article.

  1. Put yourself last. Not first, like when you were single, is a major key to a successful marriage.
  2. Temptation is real.  Men, who have eyes, constantly are tempted.  But men who have a perspective on what is most important don’t succumb to it.
  3. Marriage isn’t perfect.  But you work as hard as you can to keep it together, for your family.

Click the following link to go deeper inside the minds of happily married men.

Do men and women need the same things in marriage?

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