The Heartwarming Tale of 67 Years of Love and Marriage (VIDEO)

The love of his life, Florence.
The love of his life, Florence.

“A photograph is the biography of a moment.”

When you think about it, those simple words, spoken by 91-year-old photographer, Art Shay, to CBS News’ Dean Reynolds, might capture the pure essence and value of the art of photography better than anyone ever has before.

Shay, the feature subject of a beautiful and heart-warming CBS profile, photographed some true legends in his six decades as a professional shutterbug for LIFE magazine, but in the end, it might just be that he will be remembered best for the pictures he took of someone a little less famous or world renowned: his wife of 67 years, Florence.

Now the focus of an exhibit called My Florence at Columbia College in Chicago, Art Shay snapped so many pictures of his beloved bride across the years that she often had to ask him to put the camera down. Lucky for us though, he always seemed to snap one more. Florence, who died two years ago of cancer, lives on now, in the multitude of pictures her husband took of her and their children and even himself, a touching and definitive collection that tells the story of a love affair that spanned almost 70 years.

In this day and age, as marriages crumble in even the most gentlest of breezes, the story of Art Shay and the one woman he loved for most of his life is something to really think about, even in the worst of times, I reckon.

His gentle elderly voice is inspiring, really.

And his photographs of a long life shared with his Florence are, quite simply, a reminder of true love’s infinite possibilities.


Video/Photo: CBS Evening News

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