The Man Behind How I Have It All

The other night, my mother-in-law stopped in after dropping our kids off where they had been spending some time (read: consuming massive amounts of sugar) with her.

She stood at our kitchen counter while I did my usual post-school running around, looking through my daughter’s folder, packing lunches, and researching how to apply coconut oil to my eldest’s hair in an attempt to tame the tangles that threatened to overwhelm our lives every.single.morning.

Leaning against our kitchen counter, my mother-in-law gestured toward the bubbling pot on the stove where my husband was busy pouring various spices and stirring vigorously. “What do you have cooking there, Chaunie?” she asked.

I stared at her rather blankly, as it was pretty obvious that I was not the one doing the cooking.

“Oh, that’s a white chicken chili that Ben made,” I said, attempting to melt the coconut oil by rubbing it in between my fingers. (Fail.)

She nodded and then let out a long sigh. “You’re so blessed to have a husband that likes to cook,” she said. 

I smiled serenely to myself while I continued to comb coconut oil through my daughter’s hair, because the truth is, I am blessed to have the husband that I do.

And while I’m a firm believer in having a partner who is as equally committed to this marriage as I am, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday of love, I can’t but help write this ode to the man who helps me have it all.

ben and ada

To the man who always, always gets up with the children when they wake up in the night, thank you. 

To the man who bundled up kids early and shoveled the driveway to take them to the sitter’s, just so I could have time alone to work, thank you. 

To the man who didn’t leave my side when we first saw those two tiny blue lines in college, thank you.

To the man who cleaned the bathrooms last week so he could “try to be amazing like you are,” thank you. 

To the man who has strapped a baby on his back and cooked dinner at the same time, thank you. 

To the man who handles bath time almost every single night because, let’s face it, by that time of night, my patience is thinner than the ponytail currently holding my pants in place, thank you.

To the man who smiled when I cried at the news of our fourth pregnancy, thank you. 

To the man who does his own work late at night after we are all tucked into bed, thank you. 

To the man whose handiwork adorns the house we live and love in, making me smile every single day, thank you. 

To the man who has always supported me and I hope will see his own dreams come true, thank you. 

To the man whom I am truly blessed to have, who not only helps me to “have it all,” but is my all,

Thank you.  

Image via the author, her husband, and daughter. 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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