The Nicest Compliments You Can Give to Your Man

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I am the kind of woman who enjoys compliments. Never too shy (or confident) to refuse them from a man, I glow when sweet words are uttered.

“You’re so charming.” Why, thank you.

“You’re so beautiful.” True.

“You always make me laugh.” I know.

Flattery is especially welcomed in relationships. When a man tells me how great I am and reminds me that he adores me, I am a happy and satisfied partner. If he is a man of little words, so be it, just as long as he tells me I’m awesome when he opens his trap.

It’s not that I need constant reassurance; it just feels nice to know that I am appreciated, desired, and acknowledged. In some relationships, I’ve been ignored and dismissed. It’s very difficult to be with a man who doesn’t notice my extra tight dress or the bright lipstick that I wore just to kiss him. This kind of relationship feels indifferent and hollow.

I’m not the only person who desires verbal affirmations of love. Men also long for kind words from their partners. Here are some of the nicest things that you can say to your man.

“You are my bodyguard.”

One wife told me that her man loves to feel like he is her protector. So she tells him so. He may not really be a bodyguard (not many men are the Kevin Costner to our Whitney) but he keeps her and her family safe as best he can. Men are happy to do this. They will be happier if you tell them how much you appreciate them playing this role.

“I really admire you/respect you.”

Whether you admire his cooking or his ambition, tell him. A man wants to feel that his partner looks up to him. He wants to know that you believe that he can lead. He will work harder and be much more confident if he feels that you are proud of him. He will be a better man because of it and, in turn, you will be a better woman.

“Your abs looks so great.”

Men may pretend they’re not as vain as their female counterparts, but they’re just as aware of their bodies as women are of their own. This is especially true if your guy starts hitting the gym. He wants you to notice the results. Tell him his body looks hot, that his abs are more defined, that he has the sickest biceps. He won’t only feel good, but he’ll also continue to pump that iron and look sexy for you.

“I believe in you.”

Telling your man that you believe in him is even more special than telling him that you admire him. That’s because believing in him comes with life’s ups and downs. If he loses his job, falls ill, or is pursuing a new passion, your faith in him will carry him through. Having faith in him is trust and admiration combined.

“I appreciate you.”

I asked my boyfriend (I have one of those now!) what he likes to hear from a woman, particularly his current girlfriend (that’s me, y’all!). He said that it’s simple. He wants to feel that I appreciate him and all that he does for me and our relationship. That gives him and other men the desire to continue being the best partners. It’s the little things. And appreciation ranks high on that list.

So the next time you see your sweetie sweating it out on the treadmill or taking out the trash, show him that you care with words.

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