The Science Behind The First 5 Dates: Where to Go and Why

I’ve been thinking a lot about dating. Probably because I’m newly single and I want to do a lot of it, but haven’t done enough of it. My last date was three weeks ago and we had a great time. I met him on Match.com (his photos were Sujeiry approved) and we had dinner at Lala’s Argentine Grill in Studio City. The food was delicious. The conversation flowed. The chemistry was building. I had high hopes.

Then, the sucker disappeared. Not literally (he isn’t Aladdin and I swear he wasn’t a figment of my imagination). After walking me to my door and asking me out on a second date, he never followed through. And I was excited for our second date, not only because I wanted to make out with him but also because he had promised to take me to a lounge.

A date in a lounge is sexy and the perfect setting for a second date. Why? I will explain now and then some. Here is the science behind where he takes you on a date, as in where the first five dates should take place and why.

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    From the first date to the third outing, where a man takes a gal can make or break the romantic connection. Check out the slideshow to find out what I mean!

  • First Date: All About Dinner 2 of 6
    Dinner Date

    The best first date is a dinner date, unless you've met him online and are unsure if you'll hit it off. If that's the case, a simple coffee date is best. But back to the dinner date with the man you cannot wait to see. The dinner date is great for a first date because there can be conversation. Women will also be able to tell if the man has manners. If he chews with his mouth open, not so much. If he steals the food off your plate while you're in the bathroom, run! And if he asks to go halfsies, well, he's a cheap-o. And maybe the first date should be your last.

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  • Second Date: The Lounge 3 of 6
    Roosevelt Hotel Library Bar

    On a second date, there should be some chemistry. What better way to see if that exists than at a lounge? Think about it. A lounge has dim lighting (sexy). A lounge is loud so you must sit closely in order to converse (super sexy). He places his hand on the small on your back and whispers in your ear (I'm getting hot and bothered just writing this). Then the DJ plays a great song and he asks you to dance (if he can) or you just sway (still super sexy). So, if your date takes you to a lounge and you are not feeling sparks, there's no chemistry and no need for a third date.

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  • Third Date: The Nightcap 4 of 6
    Night Cap Salud

    You're on your third date which means you really like him. And you don't care where he takes you cause your mind is already in the gutter. He can take you to a bar, another dinner or a Broadway musical, but one thing is on your mind: what happens after the activities are over. Enter the nightcap. He drops you off. You invite him up to your place and have your way with him. Or, if you're more demure, have a heavy make out session and send him on his merry way.

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  • The Fourth Date: Mi Casa Su Casa 5 of 6

    By the fourth date, you want to rip his clothes off, unless you were raised in a convent or are really reserved (and there's nothing wrong with that). But most men and women want to spend alone time with their date if it's their fourth outing. So, you invite him over to your place. You cook him dinner (or order in if you're not about that life). You've established a rapport and are feeling comfortable with each other. That's why he is in your home. What happens next is up to you and your lady parts.

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  • The Fifth Date: Off the Market and On the Couch 6 of 6
    Sujeiry Chilling

    The fifth date really changes things. You may have become intimate and just want to date him, and vice versa. You've probably already established this. So, get comfortable indoors, because you two may be a couple very soon, if you aren't already. And we all know couples love to cuddle on the couch and watch movies on a Saturday night. Enjoy a night in and hope that you don't have to return to square one like I did. Where did that dude go anyway?!

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