The Simple Charm of A Country Wedding

Ever since Julie Morehead was a little girl, she knew two things about her future dream wedding:

She was going to marry a Southern gentleman and she was going to have the most beautiful country wedding of all time.

And this summer, she pulled it off.

Julie married her best friend, Brent, and the two of them chose to wed at the family farm where Julie had grown up. She says that she has visited popular wedding venues in places like Napa Valley and Charleston, and her thought was always that they reminded her of her family’s farm. So why not just use the place that is most special to her soul?

But how exactly did she turn a three-generation dairy and cash crop farm into the ideal wedding venue of her dreams?

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With the same ingredients that have made the family farm succeed year after year — a lot of hard work, many family and friends to help, and a little bit of glitter. (OK, so maybe the glitter was not a traditional farm staple.) To provide a little more insight into hosting the perfect country wedding, Julie shared her behind-the-scenes secrets to success.

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What’s the secret to hosting a successful outdoor wedding at such a unique venue?

“I used a day-of coordinator which I highly recommend,” Julie says. “I think I’m a little too much of a control freak to have a full out wedding planner but to have the one day-of was awesome! Jennie from Beautiful Day Planning executed every plan I had for the day/night perfectly and even took care of things like sewing the flowers onto my dress that were falling off at one point.”

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Where did you get your inspiration from for such a beautiful wedding?

“Brent and I share a common passion for living every moment to the fullest and enjoying whatever situation we are in and we really wanted our wedding to reflect that,” explains Julie. “We wanted it to be a night that everyone had a blast and could fall in love all over again. So we kept focused on that during planning. We would ask ourselves things like, ‘will the colored napkins really make people enjoy themselves more?’ We stuck with putting time/money into the things that we really cared about and the goal of everyone having a amazing night.”

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What was your favorite part about your wedding?

“There are a few moments that I will forever cherish and someone gave me this advice: ‘Sit back and look around at different points during your wedding and really focus on remembering these times because it flies by,’ ” says Julie. “Walking up to the altar and seeing Brent look at me as his bride are moments I’ll cherish forever. The other best part of the night that makes me smile every time I think about it was during the song ‘Get Your Shine On,’ dancing with Brent and looking behind us as everyone smiled with sparklers around us was truly magical! I could actually cry just thinking about it!”



Why was it important for you to host a wedding at the family farm? (Julie lives 1,000 miles away!)

“Ever since moving away, I really started to realize how lucky we were to grow up in such an amazing place,” says Julie. “I definitely took for granted growing up in such a beautiful place surrounded by so many amazing people that care about each other so much. That is pretty unheard of in most parts of the country I’ve lived in and I definitely miss it very much!”

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All images used with permission from Julie’s wedding photographer, Giving Tree Photography. Check out her website for more gorgeous pictures of Julie’s wedding and a special photo shoot with former Bachelorette, Desiree!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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