The Time I Swore Off Dating

At the tender age of 17, I was a cynic about men. 

Dating the wrong guys, using dates just to get out of the house, getting caught up in drama that didn’t matter at all.

I was fed up with wasting my time, ready to focus on myself and my own goals out of life.

I vowed, in a desperate plea sort of way, to never go on another date again.

I swore to give up dating forever…

Unless I met the man I would marry.


A few weeks later, I walked down the crowded hallway of the high school that I had transferred into during my sophomore year. Accustomed to being the new girl, I wandered listlessly through the throngs of my classmates and peers, not exactly in a hurry to get on to chemistry class.

Suddenly, the crowds seemed to part and he was there, just beyond the dark blue pillars and in front of the counseling office.

In his simple t-shirt and jeans, with straw-blonde hair and soft blue eyes, he seemed the quintessential farm boy.

Almost without realizing it, I slowed my pace as our eyes met.

I knew I recognized him from a math class we had been in together. I knew he was smart and deliberate in his work, but quiet and shy.

So when he looked right at me and offered up a shy, slightly crooked smile, I panicked slightly.

He wasn’t really smiling at me, was he? He never said two words to me when we were in class together! What’s going on?

I looked around me wildly, certain I would find someone behind me that he was smiling at.

I didn’t see anyone else.

But I couldn’t return his smile.

Because I had swore off all dating until I found The One. 

Hadn’t I?

To be continued…

Photo credit: Bombardier via Flickr

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