These 90-Year-Olds Who Went on a Blind Date to a Bookstore Are Just the Cutest

Think it’s too late for you to get out there and start dating? Well, these adorable 90-year-olds are proving us all wrong!

Miriam Steiner, 93, and Harold Sharlin, 90, met up for a blind date last Sunday at Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C. And before you ask, no this isn’t a Tinder love story (although how funny would that be). They were set up by Sharlin’s granddaughter who waited on Steiner in a restaurant and exclaimed, “You’d make a great date for my grandfather!”

The sweet grandfather also told TODAY, “My Jenny was so impressed with Miriam’s pep and vigor.” And that was that! The date was set.

Steiner, who hadn’t dated anyone since losing her husband in 1999, agreed to meet for lunch at Politics & Prose, figuring, “What have I got to lose?”

When the duo arrived at the bookstore/cafe, Steiner tipped off the info desk that she was meeting a date. When the staff caught sight of them, they were enamored and asked if they would pose for a photo — which would go on to get thousands of shares on Facebook.

While the twosome aren’t sure if the relationship has a future, they are both happy to have taken the chance to meet someone new. Sharlin explained, “I like to sit and talk. I like having a woman in my life.” Well honestly, who wouldn’t? Company is nice to keep at any age — especially in your 90s. We can’t imagine the stories these two could share with each other!

Steiner added, “It’s not easy, making connections as a senior, but we need it. It’s up there with Medicare and Social Security. I hope people remember that.”

We should all take a page out of Miriam and Harold’s book and remember it’s never too late to take a chance on love.

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