Three Love Coupons That Will Drive Your Wife Wild

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It’s time for the holidays. If you didn’t realize what time of year it was, the colder weather, Christmas songs, and super sales should have tipped you off by now. Even though it’s getting close to Christmas, a lot of Americans are still feeling the recession pinch. Finances are tight in many of our households, and spending like there is no tomorrow may not be an option.

So, how can you give an amazing gift even when you don’t have any money to spend? One idea that you can use are Love Coupons. You remember getting them or seeing them at the mall with text like, Free Message, Free Kiss or Free Hug. Well we’re going to tip you off to a new breed of Love Coupons that are perfect for your wife.

Coupon 1: No Dishes

Believe me, she’ll love the “No Dishes” coupon more than any hug, kiss or massage. She’ll be able to use this whenever the sink is piling up and she doesn’t want to get dish pan hands. It’s up to her whether she wants to spring this one on you during the 4th quarter, or even when you’ve been asleep. The “No Dishes” coupon just might be her favorite depending on what happens in your household.

Coupon 2: One Evening With No Kids

Sometimes your wife just needs a break. She needs an environment with no screaming, no yelling, no playing, and no one saying mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy! The “One Evening With No Kids” coupon gives her the chance just for this. And a rejuvenated wife can make for a happy husband!

Coupon 3: I Got This

The “I Got This” coupon is a wild-card of sorts. It gives your wife the ability to just rollout. It’s Thursday night, the kids are off the hook, dinner and dishes are everywhere, and she needs a breather. That’s when she breaks the “I Got This” coupon out on you. The coupon means that you have it all under control, and she can make a getaway.

Which ones did we miss? What other coupons would you like to receive ladies? Which one would be your favorite?

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