Traits I Hope My Child’s Future Spouse Will Share with My Husband — From 12 Real Moms

My husband and I have had many conversations centered on the things we hope to teach our children. Our hope is that the various characteristics that make up who we are will go hand in hand in the implementation of ongoing lessons on life and love. Our desire is that our girls will learn from both our mistakes and successes. And of course, one day, when they grow up and find love we hope that the person they give their heart to will handle it with as much care as we have.

There are things about my husband that drive me crazy but there are also things about him that constantly reaffirm my reasons for wanting to spend my forever and always with him. I can only hope that the persons my daughters marry will have traits that mirror some of those of their father.

In celebration of Father’s Day I asked some of my friends via social media to share a trait their child’s father has that they hope their future spouse will have. The responses given are a beautiful tribute to a group of men who realize the tremendous gift it is to be a parent. My hope is that this post will bring a smile to the faces of each of these dads as well as countless dads who are a true representation of what it means to be a father.

  • Traits I Hope My Child’s Future Spouse Will Share with My Husband — From 12 Real Moms 1 of 13
    Traits I Hope My Child's Future Spouse Will Share with My Husband -- From 12 Real Moms

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  • Always There for His Children 2 of 13

    "While pregnant with my first child I had a million doubts & questions. The major one being what kind of parents would we be? Growing up in a household with two loving parents made it easy to figure out the kind of mother I wanted to be; loving, caring, understanding & patient. But I constantly thought what about my spouse, what kind of father would he be? Growing up in a household with drugs, father in & out of his life, leaving him to be the man of the house at an early age, having him learn on his own how to become a man. I questioned if he knew how to be a father if he didn't have an example to follow. But on June 30th 2009 he received the highest calling becoming a 'Father.' My husbands biggest trait is... Being there for his kids, it might seem small but it means everything to me. He doesn't want to miss a moment. With the line of work he's in, his schedule could be a bit hectic but he makes sure he's there for those special moments for our little ones; soccer games, gym classes, recitals. He doesn't want to miss a single one. Being there for them, showing them he encourages everything they do. Being their biggest fan! His father might of walked out on him but that's the lesson he learned from him, to always be there for his kids. When my daughter is ready to choose her partner I have no doubt she will choose wisely since she had the best example growing up!

    'For many are called, few are chosen.' - Matthew 22:14" ~ Ana Thompson

  • Someone Who Doesn’t Hold Grudges 3 of 13
    Meredith Carroll

    "When I'm angry/sad/mopey or otherwise gloomy, I have a hard time shaking it off. My husband, on the other hand, has this tremendous way of getting angry/sad/mopey/gloomy and then three minutes later totally forgetting what set him off. Hopefully my daughters will marry men like their dad, which is to say men who don't hold grudges or become stubbornly fixated on painfully draining emotions." ~ Meredith C. Carroll

  • A Best Friend 4 of 13

    "The trait I hope my kids will have that their father has is to be their sons' best friend. My husband is an amazing man, but he's an even more amazing father because he spends every second of free time that he has with his boys, and they LOVE THEIR DADDY. He helps them with homework and chores around the house, teaching them strong work ethic. He watches movies with them, takes them fishing, plays games and is totally supportive of everything they do. He also takes them to church and prays with them, but most importantly he talks to them about life & the choices we make. Those are the same things my husband's father did with him, and it is my hope that my sons will do the same with their children as well." ~ Johnea Jones

  • Loving 5 of 13
    Jennifer Medina

    "The trait I love most about my husband is that he is loving. Here is a pic of my man and baby boy Austin having some daddy and son time." ~ Jennifer Medina

  • A Provider 6 of 13
    Alicia Barnes

    "One trait I want my daughter's future husband to have is 'being a PROVIDER.' Jamie has been a provider for our family in every sense. He provides love, support, financially, & spending time. In addition to all of those ways of providing for us, he also shares his talent with us of cooking amazing meals at home from time to time! We are so blessed & happy to have Jamie as a wonderful husband & father :)" ~ Alicia Barnes

  • Fearlessness 7 of 13
    Amy Heinz babble

    "Fearlessness. Since 2 out of 3 of our kids got my cautious nature, I hope they find someone who pushes them to discover the joy and exhilaration of taking risks." ~ Amy Heinz (@usingourwords)



  • A Sensitive Heart 8 of 13
    Carla Dunn

    "There are so many things I love about my husband but the trait I hope my daughter's future husband has is his sensitive heart. He doesn't buy into what's manly and what's not. He has no qualms about showing affection and telling the people in his life that he loves them. It's such an important part of a relationship and unfortunately doesn't come easy for most." ~ Carla Dunn



  • A Sense of Humor 9 of 13
    Kristina Cross

    "I would love for my children's future spouses to have my husband's sense of humor.  Not a day goes by without giggles and laughter - whether it be together with the kids or one-on-one between my husband and I.  His sense of humor keeps us on our toes, creates a positive atmosphere in our home and makes quick thinkers out of us in terms of delivering comebacks.  In fact, our 3 1/2 year old is so fast at delivering witty comebacks, we often times have to stop in our tracks and digest his sense of humor.  I hope, and wish, for my children to have laughter in their lives together with their future spouses." ~ Kristina Cross (@swankmama)

  • Fun and Confident 10 of 13
    Lana Katsaros

    "For Atlas, I hope he marries a nice girl who is as fun and confident as Joey. Of course someone who is adventurous as well -- if not I am sure he would get bored quick!" ~ Lana Katsaros (@makingahouseahome)


  • Someone Who Never Gives Up 11 of 13

    "Jamaal never gives up on anything he wants. He was persistent on dating me and would not stop until he got me. When one door closes on him he answers the next knock offering an opportunity. When he sets a goal for himself he follows through with it all the time. When the boys grow up and start to date in their 30's I hope they find themselves a determined person who will always do what it takes to fulfill their own needs and wants." ~ Maria Forrester (@luv_hot_pink)


  • There for Everything 12 of 13
    Maria White

    "He takes off of work to go to everything they have -- from doctor appointments to the first day of camp. He is always there for everything…I also want them to be good cooks so they can cook for their wives." ~ Maria Llamas White

  • Someone Who Puts People First 13 of 13
    Krishann Briscoe

    "My husband values his family and friends more than any material possession. Although things are nice to have, to him the most important commodities he has and will ever have are the people that he loves. While he would give us the world if he could he knows that the greatest gift he could give us is his love and time. Rather than build a life in which the things that one has define you, he is building a life defined by preserving the relationships with his loved ones. I hope that our girls will marry someone who values them and their family more than anything, someone who realizes that while things are often replaceable people are not." ~ Krishann Briscoe (@hismrshermr)

May our children be so blessed as to one day build a future with someone who is as wonderful of a person as the man they call daddy.

Happy Father’s Day!


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