Hot Trend Alert: Wedding Attack Photography (PHOTOS)

Nothing quite says ‘I love you forever’ like a couple of pterodactyls swooping low on the horizon, aiming for your best man.

Or spraying bullets at your wedding party who has inexplicably zombified.


It all started with this wedding photo posted to Reddit featuring the entire party fleeing from an enormous Tyrannosaurus rex. The photo showed all those lovey dovey couples posing in meadows of wildflowers that wedding photos don’t have to be all warm and fuzzy. They can, in fact, be violent and awesome.

See the evidence below. The trend only caught on over the summer so I can’t imagine what we’re going to see next wedding season. Stay tuned…

  • All The Rage! 1 of 11
  • May The Force Be With Them 2 of 11

     You've got to admit, this photo is as beautiful as any other posed wedding photo you've seen.

    Image source:

  • Zombie Invasion 3 of 11

    The very talented Josiahx posted a YouTube video which shows a time lapse of exactly how he edited this excellent zombie attack wedding photo. It's pretty awesome, check it out.

    Image source: Josiahx

  • Star Wars Take II 4 of 11

     Danielle and Tony Lombardo were getting ready to photograph their friends' (Leslie Seiler & Paul Kingston) wedding when one of their staff photographers posed the Star Wars idea. On their site they say, "The next thing we knew, the crew was halting traffic on the busy street in front of their venue... It helped quite a bit that the the bride, groom and half their bridal party are professional actors/comedians/improvisors who could easily "sell" the terror and fear in their faces...We shot it in one take, seeing as you only get one take when asking ladies to run for their lives in heels!"

    Image source: Little Blue Lemon

  • Alien Invasion 5 of 11

    That flower girl better run faster.

    Image source: Owl's Eye Studios

  • The Walking Dead 6 of 11

    The photographer had this to say: "Megan and Andy made the mistake of posing with zombies yesterday on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. Everything seemed to be going OK until the zombies suddenly attacked. Luckily the couple escaped and made it to their reception unscathed--or did they?"

    Image source: Lace Hanky

  • Stay Puft 7 of 11

     Maybe it's just me but I find this one the most terrifying. I'll take zombies over the Stay Puft guy any day. It appears that groomsman agrees.

    Image source: Knight Image Photography

  • Transformers Attack 8 of 11

     Run! These are not the good transformers!

    Image source: Jens Nink

  • Pterodactly Takeover 9 of 11

     I like how the bride is the only one looking directly at the camera in this one.

    Image source:

  • We’ve Got A Walker! 10 of 11

    Even couples sending out engagement photos are getting in on the attack act. Check out this whole zombie attack engagement sequence!

    Image source: Wedding Jojo

  • T-Rex Takedown 11 of 11

    And finally, the photo that first went viral... Wedding party being chased by Tyrannosaurus Rex. The photo was originally posted to Reddit with the caption: ‘So, things got a little crazy at my friend's wedding.' You mean ‘Things got a little awesome at my friend's wedding!'

    Image source:

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