Valentine’s Day Was Just Another Day

A friend of mine texted me. She had been dating T. for 4 months, they were having a lot of fun, the relationship seemed so natural, she’d never been nervous before.

Then February 14 struck with its unrealistic expectations and grand gestures. With the flowers and candies and cards that were supposed to distract from a year of unromantic tradition.

She was nervous then.

Was she crazy?

Being the wonderful, loving friend I am I told her in the gentlest way that she wasn’t just crazy, she’d fallen from the crazy tree and smacked every crazy branch on her way down.


This guy made her light up whenever she talked about him.

He showed up to help in an emergency situation when she needed someone.

Her kids had met him and liked him.

The friends that were starting to meet him enjoyed his company.

He was a genuinely nice guy.

He treated her well.

He made her laugh.

And he did these things every day.

Not JUST on the day it was EXPECTED of him.

Valentine’s Day is over, and he’s still a great guy doing the pretty fabulous stuff that a holiday didn’t force.


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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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