VIDEO: How To Date Your Spouse

When is the last time you went on a great date with your spouse?

Were you alone without your kids?

Was the night one to remember?

If you were unable to answer any of the questions above correctly [recently, yes, yes] then you need to watch this video where we explain how to date your spouse. I’m sure someone is saying, “I’m too busy to date my spouse.” The question I would ask you is: are you busier than the president? If the leader of the free world can find time to date his spouse, then you can, too. Sometimes dating may require more planing, but the payoff and reward is well worth the work.

So often we hear about couples who have eventually drifted apart in their marriages, and continuing to date is one way for you to keep the connection that brought you together in the first place.

In this latest video from our Husband Wife Life Web Series, we share tips and ideas on how you can continue to date your spouse, including why it’s important, and I share the best cheap date ever!!! Yes you read that correctly, with extra exclamation points and all.

We also tackle a new question of the week. This week’s question is:

How do you hold on when your marriage appears to be dead and your spouse isn’t willing to fight for it?

We’ve actually seen this questions in many different forms since we first launched our website six years ago. So many couples are in this same situation, so make sure you check out our answers. If you feel like you can relate to this question then view the video because we just may have the answer. During her response Ronnie also shares a resource — Desperate Marriages by Dr. Gary Chapman — so I wanted to make sure I shared the link with you here.

After viewing the video make sure you leave your great date tips and your answer to this week’s question in the comment section below.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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