Just the Three of Us: The Most Hilarious Wedding Photobombs Ever (PHOTOS)

People make a big fuss about their wedding pictures and it’s understandable.

First off, they are the most visual link to that once-in-a-lifetime (okay, maybe twice or thrice) day when your love is consecrated in the eyes of your family and friends and even cousins you never knew you had. Plus, let’s be brutally frank here, it costs a helluva lot of money to get all of those shots of the bride and groom standing in front of the blooming dogwood tree out behind the catering hall, right?

You’re damn right it does. Wedding photography is big big business and people count on those photographers to capture their super special event for posterity.

However, like it or not, a lot of wedding pictures look the same to all but the most discriminating eyeball. And unless you really get off on looking at yourself over and over again in your dress or your tux, chances are that after the first fifty flips through the old photo album, you won’t look at them much except maybe once a year a decade.

BUT. And this is a big but. BUT…if you happen to be the proud owner of just one picture from your big day in which a totally outrageous photobomb took place and a crazy uncle, or better yet, a complete stranger in a Speedo, just so happened to enter the frame at the perfect moment and now lives on forever in photo form, consider yourself extremely lucky, my friend.

For it is that photo and that photo alone which you will return to again and again, to show your friends, to share with as many people as possible on the internet, and which will bring you more joy than all of the other pictures combined.

So gather round please and let us raise a glass inĀ  toast to the greatest wedding pictures ever taken!


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  • Holy Crap 2 of 22
    Holy Crap
    Sometimes even the Priest himself wants to party!
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  • Bass Hole 3 of 22
    Bass Hole
    If you get married during bass fishing season...well, you're asking for it.
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  • Kissy Kissy! 4 of 22
    Kissy Kissy!
    Certain people are just always in the right place at the wrong time.
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  • ‘That Guy’ 5 of 22
    'That Guy'
    Every wedding has a 'that guy'. And here he is in his natural element.
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  • Where’s Waldo? 6 of 22
    Where's Waldo?
    Ah-ha! There he is! In the tree! Is he drunk?!
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  • Kowabunga! 7 of 22
    Ummmm....I guess this isn't a private beach, huh? Yikes.
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  • The Winds of Change 8 of 22
    The Winds of Change
    This couple got photobombed by a tornado. It doesn't get much cooler than that, I reckon.
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  • In The Mood 9 of 22
    In The Mood
    Obviously, love is quite contagious (*blush).
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  • Zombie Attack! 10 of 22
    Zombie Attack!
    Some photobombs are flawless works of art. And this one is a masterpiece.
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  • Horseface 11 of 22
    Hey, at least he didn't eat the bouquet. Yet.
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  • Oh My! 12 of 22
    Oh My!
    Some folks get really emotional at weddings.
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  • Best Man Planking 13 of 22
    Best Man Planking
    If you're looking for the best man, well, he's kind of busy,.
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  • Bigfoot Sighting! 14 of 22
    Bigfoot Sighting!
    Tell me that awesome dude in the yellow trunks doesn't have the EXACT same stroll as Bigfoot?
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  • This is Awkward 15 of 22
    This is Awkward
    Eh, excuse I standing in the photo by chance?
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  • Before and After 16 of 22
    Before and After
    From boring old wedding photo to memorable picture worth it's weight in gold.
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  • Dog Days 17 of 22
    Dog Days
    Okay okay, I admit it: I cannot be certain this is even a wedding picture. But still.
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  • Meerkat Manners 18 of 22
    Meerkat Manners
    Psssst! Oi! Do you need me to move?!
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  • Jumper 19 of 22
    Nothing like a frat dude leaping from a railroad bridge to brighten up those special moments, huh?
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  • Who is Grammy’s Big Boy?! 20 of 22
    Who is Grammy's Big Boy?!
    At the precise moment that the rings are exchanged, try and play with the baby. Thanks.
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  • Guess Who Showed Up? 21 of 22
    Guess Who Showed Up?
    What does it say about the loving couple's future together when the damn Grim Reaper shows up at the wedding?
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  • I Made It 22 of 22
    I Made It
    Hey, you know I wouldn't miss this wedding for the world, dontcha?
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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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