WHAAA? Bride Checks Her Phone During Wedding Vows [Video]

There is being addicted to your cellphone and then there is being so junked out on it that you shove it in your wedding dress and — wait for it — whip it out while exchanging vows.

I mean, what is she doing? Updating her Facebook status to “married?” Posting a selfie? Texting an ex?

The video is a couple years old but is only just now making the Internet rounds, and you’ve absolutely got to check it out. Don’t mind her, she’s just the idiot checking her phone during her wedding vows, it’s him you’ve got to keep your eye on. His expression goes from slightly amused, to befuddled embarrassment in front of the minister, to WTF?!, to finally … I think I made a mistake marrying this broad.

That you did, sir. Unless she’s texting her mother who couldn’t make it to the wedding because she’s on her death bed. There’s always that possibility.

When you watch it the second time (’cause I know you gonna watch it twice) focus on the groom’s left arm from :15 to :17. I swear that’s a two second window where he almost reaches over to, I don’t know, knock the cell phone out of her hands? Take back the engagement ring? You tell me! Also: listen to what the minister is saying about abiding love and God and all the other stuff he’s rattling on about while the bride does her phone thang. It makes the whole thing that much better.

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