What Are You Willing to Go Through for Your Marriage?

photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography via photopin cc
Photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography via photopin cc

The divorce rates are well publicized via many different sources. Without me saying the percentage, you probably already have that 50 percent clip in your head. It is no secret that marriages fail just about as much as they last.

It seems to me that couples just don’t fight to honor their commitment of staying married through the ups and downs. Irreconcilable differences is the reason cited for many divorces. Basically they couldn’t agree on something or even agree to disagree, so they called it quits.

Divorce hurts

It’s painful to me. My wife and I have witnessed many divorces and splits, and it’s hurtful to see couples not be able to make it. We don’t take our marriage for granted, nor the fact that we are still together after some very rough times. Fighting for our marriage, and fighting for other marriages is something we have become very passionate about.

And it is so encouraging when you see a couple go above and beyond for marriage. A recent article on Your Tango is a great example of that. A couple who had been together for 28 years finally got married. You might be thinking that isn’t such a big deal. A lot of people are together for years before getting married.

Fighting to be together

That is true, but the difference with this couple is the bride was diagnosed with terminal cancer. So the ceremony had to be done in a hospital while she was in her hospital bed. They had so many reasons not to fight for marriage, but they didn’t let any reason stop them.

It’s this type of heart and mindset that I think is needed in marriages today. The mindset that nothing will keep the marriage from happening, nothing will break the marriage apart, and nothing is as important as their marriage relationship.

I’m not sure how long this couple will have together as a married couple, but they have encouraged me and let me know that marriage is valuable. I’m hoping other couples are encouraged as well.

What are you willing to go through for your marriage?

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