What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About Your Relationship?


My husband and I are not bedtime cuddlers.

In fact, we are the furthest possible thing from cuddlers—neither of us can fall asleep until we are as far away from each other, practically falling off the edge of the massive king-size bed we purchased after the birth of our third child. I sleep contently in a swath of blankets piled around me like a cocoon and occasionally reach out to my husband in the middle of the night…

To smack him when he snores.

Admittedly, sometimes I get a little worried that our separate shenanigans at nighttime are abnormal. Is this how other couples sleep? What does it mean that we can’t stand to touch each other at night?

To find out, I did a little investigating on the types of couples’ sleeping positions and what they say about their relationships.



Photo credit: Flickr/The Falcondale

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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