What Every Single Mom Needs for a Sleepover

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No, not the kind with twelve screaming kids who abandon the third showing of Kung-Fu Panda 4 to wage a war between the Lego Friends figures and all the Halo guys dug up from the bottom of Mommy’s purse. Not the kind where adults pay kids in cash to be quiet already way after midnight, or where braces meet Doritos for the first time, or where cuss words are tentatively whispered inside a sleeping bag fort. The sleepovers – and what you need should you be invited to one – we’re speaking of today are none of that.

This list of must-have toiletry kit items is just for the slumber party that involves a single mom and a date, a lovahhhh, a BF or GF or SortaF, a friend with bennies, a fling, someone on Reddit that you have already run a criminal background check on (twice) before meeting anywhere with dim lighting. It also (prayer to the Visitation Fairies) includes much fun, some freedom from the intensity of the many nights and days you’re solo parenting like a boss, safety and sessiness to the hotness temperature you desire.

For THOSE kinds of overnighters, one-nighters, weekends away and maybe even lunch dates, here’s exactly what you, sizzling single mama, need to pack up and throw into your purse, giant bag, carryon, or rollerboard to be prepared, happy, healthy, prettified, and relaxed from the time you arrive to the kiss goodbye.




  • 14 Must-Haves for Your Toiletry Kit 1 of 16
    Single Mom Sleepovers

    From peepers to puckers, oral hygiene to hoo-hoo care, here's the concise list of what you need to take good care of yourself for overnights, one-nighters and weekends away from the kids. {photo via}

  • The cutest little brush of all time 2 of 16
    Travel Brush

    For quick fixes and pulling back your mane so you can get down to business, tuck a tiny brush into your toiletry kit. I love that this one has a mirror and folds up nicely, rather than snagging at your tampon wrappers and leaving trails of your DNA all over the inside of the bag. 

  • Condom and tampon carrier 3 of 16
    Condom Tampon Carrier

    I get oogied out when my tampon wiggles out of its wrapper and just hangs out with whatever else is  floating in my purse or stuffed in my overnight bag or has pooled at the bottom of the inevitable leaky thing in my cosmetic case. I also know it is critical for single moms who want to get lucky or are actively laying it down right to be in charge of sexual protection (that means birth control and condoms, since we all need a little Sex Ed 101 reminder now and then from a friend). That's why I squealed just a bit to find these cute, compact handmade "privacy pouch" carriers that are the perfect size to slip in a few emergency tampons and plenty of condoms. It looks like there's also room for a smallish bottle, should you prefer to BYOLube. Why not buy a second for your purse and car, just in case?



    {photo via}

  • Avocado oil for, like, everything you need to do in the loo 4 of 16
    Avocado OIl

    I am a lady who requires much moisturizing. My bathroom is a buffet of lotions, serums, creams, and homemade anti-winter-skin-all-year-round concoctions. But my kit needs to be compact, which means I have to narrow down to one perfect moisturzing option. And that will always and forever be avocado oil. Avocado oil (keep that lid cranked on tight) is the perfect travel beauty pick because you can use it:

    • to slather on as moisturizer (it works wonders on red, chafed, broken out, sensitive or troubled skin)
    • to remove make-up (without burning eyes or making a big old mess or carrying those sheets that always dry out)
    • as a cleanser (you won't die, I promise, if you put a few drops in your palms, rub over your face and then carefully towel off the day's/night's debris)
    • as shaving prep (unless you use the below-mentioned razor)
    • as lip balm
    • as massage oil

    Perf, right? OH! And it's a great bargain. Pick up a little bottle for about $8 and it will last for many rendez-vous nights off.

  • Concealer that lasts all night (and then some) 5 of 16
    mac concealer

    Before the bright lights are turned back on, I admit that I may want to swipe a little coverage over the undereye circles and add a bit of highlight under the brows. Concealer works great for both these purposes, and there's not one I've found that's more enduring through cozying up and getting a little crazy with my love than MAC's Select Cover-Up concealer. If you need it to stay on all night, it will. If you'd rather stock your kit with less expensive makeup doubles, opt for this 3-buck concealer palette by elf.

  • Mascara (and not just for eyelashes) 6 of 16

    Sure, you might want to emerge from a few hours or long night of Getting to Know Each Other, lick a thumb and swipe away all the smeary mascara under your eyes, on your cheek and mysteriously caked inside your elbow. But those are all epicenters of delicate skin. Instead, swab the teensiest bit of oil (see previous slide) over the brownish-black gunk to remove what you can. And if you're so inclined to look less weary, apply a coat or two of the extra, reliable drug-store mascara you keep in your kit. If appearing doe-eyed after four minutes of sleep next to Your New Friend isn't motivation enough, use that mascara to cover the skunk line of gray roots that somehow grew out during your romp. If you have light hair, you'll have to pull a real Madonna Circa True Blue attitude to carry the whole black roots-mussed platinum morning-after look. 

  • Lip gloss that serves several purposes 7 of 16
    Lip Gloss

    Whether you are making a quick exit or settling in for the weekend, my beauty vote is to save the matte lipstick for the night out and opt for lip gloss that will add shine to your pucker, is saturated with enough color to rub into your cheeks and has the tiniest bit of minty/cupcakey/raspberry flavor for a not-goopy, totally tempting goodbye kiss. My new favorite is this line by Bare Escentuals. I chose my three favorite colors and bought two of each (I do love a lip gloss splurge), keeping one of each in my makeup drawer and the twin in my toiletry kit. I wear this gloss over my hot pink and '80s Robert Palmer-girl red lipstick all week and slide on solo for post-date brunch. 

  • Toothbrushes you can toss 8 of 16
    Toothbrush Disposable

    Having a sleepover? Need to dismiss the lingering garlic and old-fashioned breath? Fretting that there's spinach caught in your canine and your date's not the kind to point it out? Disposable toothbrushes are a life and breath-saver. Buy them in bulk and keep them in the car, your suitcase and, most importantly, your kit. 

  • A jewelry pouch to tuck your not-wedding ring 9 of 16
    Jewelry Pouch

    When it's time to slip off the gawdy-fabulous cocktail ring you now wear in place of a wedding band or to slip off a statement necklace, you will be grateful to have a pretty little jewelry pouch where you can stash away the sparkly stuff and not worry it'll get lost among the Doritos and Kierkegaard books that live in between the cushions of your special someone's couch. Not worried about losing track of your earrings? Keep a few pairs of ear plugs in the jewelry pouch so you can get a sound night's sleep. {Photo via}

  • Razor that doesn’t require shaving cream for quickie clean-ups 10 of 16

    There are moments, frantic and unexpected minutes, when a lady might need to run to the loo to do a quick clean-up of the legs, underarms or bikini area. There are also lazy Sunday mornings in a hotel or someone else's shower when a full bathing experience requires a razor. After trying every electric lady razor in the drugstore and stocking up on dozens of kinds of cheapy blades, I nearly cried (not of razor burn or finding that one disgusting ten-inch granny hair you can't believe you missed on your thigh for...what?...a year?!) to get my hands on this one from 800Razors. Full disclosure, the company sent it to me to try. More full disclosure, I was all, "Riiiight. This razor is going to be ahhhmazing. Mmmhmmm." And then it was. It was so nice and glidey, even without soap suds and long after my shaving cream can was empty, that I got some of the men's razors for the Not Boyfriend. Final full disclosure, he's more skeptical than I and is now a customer. Slip one of these easy, rad razors in your kit for quick de-hairing wherever you need to feel silky smooth. I am quite sure it won't disappoint you or your lovahhh's wandering hands. {800Razors sent me this product for editorial consideration. After testing it, the opinion is real and all my own.}

  • Hair ties that go from great date to good morning 11 of 16
    Hair Tie

    As a lady who NEEDS her hair pulled up for sleeping and prefers her locks yanked swept back for loving, hair ties are a must-have in my kit. Ditch the scrunchies (yes, even the "updated" tiny kind you've compromised on) and grab a pack of this grown-up version of your daughter's hair ties that are soft, inexpensive and glittery enough to go from great date to good morning. 

    {Photo via}

  • Bandages you can grab with one hand 12 of 16
    Easy Access Bandages 2

    Should your fabulous booties with the 5-inch heels start turning your toes into tiny, raw nuggets of pain, keep bandages on hand. Sure, you could throw a couple of Incredibles Band-Aids in your bag, but then the paper wears off and whatnot. I love these packaged bandages by Easy Access because 15 are bound together that can individually be pulled out with one hand. Perfect for those times you are wedged in an itty bitty bathroom stall, clutching your purse and phone, trying not to fall into the disgusting and needing to prevent a big old blister on your heel or hide the rug burn before you go home. {EasyAccess sent me this product for editorial consideration. After testing it, the opinion is real and all my own.}

  • Contacts lens kit that isn’t bulky or spilly or lost in the bottom of your bag 13 of 16
    Contacts Kit

    When things are romantic, you don't want anything to be dry but that oversized glass of perfect Malbec. This sweet little contact lens kit holds what you need to keep your peepers (ummm) moist, from the case to perfectly sized vials for solution and drops (plus, some weird plastic tweezery thing I don't even want to think about). 

  • All the product samples in your bathroom cabinet 14 of 16

    You may collect baby shampoos from hotels across America or hoard perfume vials or have a Birchbox subscription that's amounted to many, many unused mini tubs and tubes you've been meaning to try out but haven't and instead are taking up lots of space in your bathroom. Dump them all into your kit and I bet you'll be thrilled to have a finger full of pomegranate scrub or the cutest small-sized eye cream ever when you are away from home and looking a wee bit exhausted/sexed up/slightly hungover. 

  • An extra pair of pretty panties 15 of 16

    Wherever your travels and adventures and acrobatics take you in this chapter of your dating life, having an extra pair of pretty-yet-practical panties in your kit seems like a wise bit of self-care. I love these lace bikinis that hint at your yummy skin and still cover some of that luscious mama belly.

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