What I Learned from an Afternoon Spent Shopping With My Husband + Old Navy Giveaway

Women's Disney© Mickey & Minnie V-Neck Tee
Women’s Disney© Mickey & Minnie V-Neck Tee

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I have a confession. At 10 months postpartum I was still wearing maternity jeans. Despite having lost a ton of weight, I had grown to love them. While I was pregnant I hated them and the feeling of anything touching my belly, however my wrinkly postpartum belly found comfort in them. And even when it was clear that they were too big, I still found myself reaching for them in an effort to avoid splurging on a pair of regular jeans. See, I still have work to do and as a result, I couldn’t justify splurging on a pair of expensive jeans. In fact, for the most part with the exception of a maxi dress here and there and some workout clothes, I haven’t bought much for myself when it comes to clothing. But here’s the thing: If you wear clothes that compliment your body no matter what size it is, you tend to feel a lot better about yourself.

So this weekend my husband decided we were going to go shopping. Technically he said he would give me money so that I could go shopping, but somehow I managed to get him to accompany me (noting that Old Navy was having a great sale). We loaded up our littles, headed for Old Navy, and made our way through the store. While I couldn’t resist looking at the adorable clothes for little ones, for the first time in awhile my primary focus was on something for me. I had decided that I was ready to purchase some clothes that actually fit — and given Old Navy’s sale, I figured this was a great place to start.

During the shopping trip I learned three things:

1. Every woman should have a great pair of jeans that make her feel good.

I found some and loved that they could be paired with anything.

2. My husband has made it his mission to ensure that I don’t love shopping with him.

He does not want to be my shopping buddy. With each thing I tried on, I came out of the dressing room looking for his stamp of approval and I got it every time — which was pretty weird considering he never looked (okay, maybe he did but briefly). Unlike my mom who will break down why I should or shouldn’t rock a piece of clothing, my husband is a man of few words when it comes to that. “It’s fine,” he will say or a simple “yes” when asked if he likes it. Not a: “Yes, I love the way the fabric and dark denim wash compliment your figure.”

My husband has rarely enjoyed shopping with me for clothing because I ask him too many questions and I take entirely too long. Plus, it’s rare that I actually have the guts to try on clothes that he wants me to wear. However, this particular day I decided to oblige him by picking out a pair of shorts, too. The fact that he formulated a compliment in the form of more than one word promoted me to ensure that they made it to the cash register.

I have friends whose spouses love shopping with them. They help their wives pick out outfits and are big on style. My guy — not so much.

3. I need to get better at taking a compliment from my man.

If my husband tells me something looks nice, I need to smile and say thank you. Even if I am struggling to see exactly what he sees, he likes it and that should make me feel good. There’s no need to ask him if he is sure he likes a piece of clothing on me or if he noticed that my thighs are still a little jiggly.

My husband’s style is very different from mine. The clothing I would pick out for myself is different than what he would pick out for me. However, I’ve decided that going forward — on those rare occasions that I am able to get my guy to go shopping with me — I’m not going to be so closed off to trying on what he happens to think will look great on me. Besides, wearing something he picks out just might be a sure way to add some spark to our love life.

Now back to Old Navy! This month they launched a new clothing line featuring Mickey Mouse and his crew on vintage style tees. The tees are available for the whole family, which means “His and Hers” Mouse edition is definitely an option for those of you who like coordinating with your love.

This Saturday my family and I will be headed to a special private event to celebrate the Mickey Through the Decades Collection Launch to get a chance to see this new line in person and perhaps get some fashion inspiration from one of the most stylish couples around — Mickey and Minnie Mouse themselves! Who knows, I just might wear one of the articles of clothing my husband bought for me over the weekend!

And here’s where it gets really exciting Old Navy is giving one family the opportunity to join us at the Disney Studio Lot for this fun-filled event! If you live in L.A., this is definitely a giveaway you don’t want to miss. But it doesn’t end there. They are also including a $100 Old Navy gift card! I’ll wait while you take a moment to make sure you read that correctly (Yes! Tickets for your family to attend the collection launch and a $100 gift card.)


How to enter to win tickets for your family to attend the Mickey Through the Decades Collection Launch Celebration on Saturday July 13th in L.A. and a $100 Old Navy gift card:

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  • This contest is open between 11:30 a.m. PST on Thursday, July 11th and closes at 4 p.m. PST on Friday, July 12th.
  • The winner will be chosen using a random number generator, and will be announced in a blog post here at 5 p.m. PST Friday, July 12th.

Please note:

  • Only one entry/comment per person will be counted.
  • Open to U.S. residents only, age 18 or older.
  • Travel to the event is the sole responsibility of the winner
  • After I announce the winner, he or she will need to contact me via e-mail in order to provide RSVP information for the event, and your name will be added to the event list. If you do not claim your prize within 12 hours, the winner forfeits the right to attend the event.
  • The prize, admission for your family to the Mickey Through the Decades Collection Launch Celebration in L.A. and an Old Navy gift card valued at $100.
  • For Babble’s complete list of rules for Babble Blogger Giveaways, please see this link.

Don’t live in L.A. but still want to check out the collection? Get a sneak peek here!

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