What 9 Women Love Most About Their Husbands’ Bodies

Last week, I asked some of my favorite bloggers to ask their husbands to share what they loved most about their bodies. Although we heard some of the typical “her eyes” and “her smile” answers, some of the men–like my husband–gave more surprising answers.

One blogger shared how her husband said he loved her legs the most–ironically, the same body part that she is most insecure about. And my husband told me he loved the spot behind my ear, on my neck, which of course secretly thrilled me.

So today, I wanted to turn the tables and share just what we ladies love about our men.

And their bodies, of course.

What do you love about your husband’s body? Here are our answers!

  • What I love about my man. 1 of 10

    Sharing what I love about my husband's body, along with some confessions from my favorite bloggers and readers. Now let's just hope that my husband doesn't kill me for this...

  • I love my husband’s… 2 of 10

    Jacquelyn of J & J Brusie Photography's man shared that he loved her "freckles" the most, since he was the only one that gets to see them on his gorgeous wife. (Awwww!) In return, Jacquelyn tells us that she loves her husband's eyes the most. "It's what I noticed first about him!" she shares. 

    Image via J & J Brusie Photography

  • It’s all about his… 3 of 10

    Ok, promise not to laugh at me? Ok, ok, you're right, that's asking too much. But my secret is...I love my husband's arms. And more specifically, his forearms. I just find them so incredibly sexy and strong. Hubba, hubba, hubs!

    Image via us, a long time ago. 

  • Krishann and her man… 4 of 10

    Apparently, Krishann from His.Mr.Her.Mrs is also an arm woman. She writes, "I love my husband's arms. They are always a safe place for me and our daughters. I fit into them perfectly (I love to cuddle) and love waking up to the feeling of them wrapped around me."

    Image via His.Mr.Her.Mrs. 

  • Heather loves her man’s… 5 of 10

    Heather of Sunshine & Thunder  says, "My favorite part of my husband's body is his beard. He's a year younger than I am, so I like that it makes him look older. What can I say? The rugged look is adorable, er, I mean, manly on my honey!"

    Image via Heather Hayes

  • Look into my eyes… 6 of 10

    Fellow writer Jamie of Sticky Feet 2 shares, "I love my husband's blue eyes -- and I especially love that two of our littles have them as well. They are a beautiful icy blue that stands out. His expressions are always evident in his eyes."

    Image via Jamie Bolander Weitl

  • Window to the soul… 7 of 10

    Apparently, eyes are a big thing. What's the window to the soul business all about again? Michelle of Early Mama is also a big fan of her man's eyes. "I call them his 'smile eyes,'" she says. "But it's really the little crinkles around his eyes that only come out when he's REALLY smiling and laughing. They're genuine and infectious, and they instantly brighten his face. And they make me happy to be growing older with him, as corny as that sounds."

    Image via Michelle Horton

  • The best of both. 8 of 10

    Paula of Beauty Through Imperfection goes with a two-for-one and says she loves both her husband's eyes and his smile. 

    Image via Paula Rollo

  • Brittany loves… 9 of 10
    Psalm 374 Home

    Brittany of The Lily Field says,

    "I don't even have to think about this! I love my husband's ARMS.

    He pulls me in close and wraps me up - I am home. 
    Those arms have held me in good times and bad - 
    they have witnessed the tears and laughter that we share. 
    They have tenderly rocked the babies we've brought into this world - 
    a safe place for our family to land.
    Occasionally he'll wish out loud that they were bigger, more muscular - 
    and I love to remind him that I see them as PERFECT. All of him is perfect for me."
    Image via Brittany Val
  • Smooth moves. 10 of 10

    Leigha says, "My favorite part of my husbands body is definitely his bald head. When he started losing his hair I actually asked him if he considered shaving it! So it was all my idea!"

    Image via Leigha Campbell

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