What I Will Teach My Daughter About Dating

Mother and DaughterI’ve always dreamt of having a daughter. Whenever someone asks, “What do you want to have? A boy or a girl?” I imagine pink hearts and red bows and soft curls flowing down her precious back. Some of my friends are taken aback. One has two boys, and she wouldn’t want it any other way. “Raising daughters is hard,” she says. But it’s a job that I am hoping to have one day.

Still, it won’t be easy. I think about what I will teach my daughter about dating and mating and loving herself and others. I want her to learn from the mistakes of her mother. I want her to know that loving who she is as she is is the first step to loving bliss. And just like this dad says in this video to the boys that will date his daughter:

“There will be no Daddy issues for your teenage talents to latch upon … “

Because I am going to chose a partner who is reliable, loving, and wins the Best Father marathon.

I will teach her how to be selective and not settle because others say she is too picky. Finding a love and a man that is worthy can be tricky.

I will teach my daughter that boys are a dime a dozen. Her first heart break will heal, and she will again know sweet loving. But don’t play the field — or do, it all depends on her and what she feels to be true. Following her instincts will lead her in the right direction no matter what society suggests, no matter how much I will want to protest.

So, to the boys that will one date my daughter, know that she is smart. She is beautiful and good and has an amazing heart. And fellas, as that Dad says in his poem, “Be careful to only approach me with love for my daughter.” I may be small. I may not look like I bite. But my love for her will blow me up to size. Like a rabid dog, I will hurt you. When it comes to my daughter, you’ll have much more to worry about than her father.

Alas, I return to my little girl, who looks at me lovingly and swings her hips to a merengue song. She loves to twirl. You, love, are love and deserve nothing less. And I hope I can say this all to you one day. I hope that I am blessed and can say I have a daughter. I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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