What If Your Husband Died While You Were Fighting?

Image courtesy of Jackie Bledsoe
Image courtesy of Jackie Bledsoe

A few weeks ago, I was taken to the emergency room via ambulance. My wife was advised to call 911 for me to be taken to the ER after I began experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath. But prior to her kneeling at our bedside and making the phone call, we unfortunately were not on the best of terms.

To put it frankly, we were in the middle of a fight. I had just refused her offer to help me with a project I was working on. She left the room, clearly not happy with me.

I ended up being fine, and was released from the hospital after an almost 24-hours stay, filled with testing, prayers, and a lot of concerns.

But it made me think … what if something bad happened to you or your spouse while you were in the middle of an argument?

Perspective changes everything.

My friend, Fawn Weaver delivered a TEDx Talk a couple of months ago about the possibility of having an argument-free marriage. She shared a story that was similar to mine, about her husband, then fiancé, being rushed to the hospital after passing out. This was one of the experiences that helped mold their perspectives on their marriage.

Going forward, when you disagree or experience disappointment and frustration, if you keep in mind that tomorrow is not promised and that you may not get another moment with your spouse, then what you say, do, and think will be influenced.

Don’t take your spouse for granted.

As I reflected in the hospital, I began thinking back to the fight we were having. This fight escalated with my refusal of her help. Ironically, I actually wanted her help, but in my frustration, I turned it down because it didn’t come when I wanted it to. In hindsight, it was pretty childish, and I realized I had actually taken her for granted.

Maybe you haven’t done something as childish as me, but perhaps you’ve taken a significant other for granted at some point in your relationship. We have to be careful in that respect. Instead, let’s place a high value on them, their thoughts, opinions, and everything they do big and small.

How we can love our spouses like it’s the last time, in all circumstances?

The trip to the ER made it all too clear that our time is short. I certainly don’t want my wife’s last memory to be of us fighting. So, I’m choosing to find the good in all she does. I’m choosing to accept her as she is, faults and all. I’m choosing to treat each moment together as if it were our last.

What’s one practical way you can love your spouse like it’s the last opportunity you have to do so?

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