What Makes a Courageous Husband and Father?

“Be a man for your family.”  That was the advice my dad gave me on my wedding day.  That was my charge, to be a man for my family.  Great, let’s go!  The only thing was, I didn’t know how to be a man for my family.  How does that actually play out in everyday life?

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Fast forward 12 years and my wife and I are happily married with three amazing children.  I have this “be a man for my family” thing down, right?  Wrong!  I am still learning and figuring out how to be a man for my family.  I don’t think I will ever fully know.  I’ll just keep working at it, and learning from all the challenges that come with being a man, a married man, and a married man with kids.

Lessons learned on being a husband and father

I have learned a lot, but what I’ve learned most is I have a lot more to learn.  This never ending quest to be a better husband and dad encourages and challenges me.  It takes a whole lot of courage to not accept being an average husband or dad.

Being there for my family, protecting them, and meeting their needs is what I believe my dad was saying on my wedding day.  There is a lot all wrapped up into that.  I recently began reading The Resolution for Men from the creators of Courageous the Movie, and it shows how it all is done practically on a day to day basis.

Courageous Husbands and Courageous Fathers

The book calls men to commit to 12 resolutions, which in turn will grow them and help them be the courageous husband and father every man hopes to be and every woman wants to marry.

Below, I’ve shared several of the resolutions that have contributed to me being courageous.  I believe the men who commit to these will be able to do for their families what my dad encouraged me to do for my family.

  1. Take Responsibility.  A courageous man realizes his situation is a result of his actions or lack of.  Nobody else’s.  They don’t play the blame game.
  2. Lead his family.  Courageous husbands and fathers embrace their leadership role.  And they perform this role with love.
  3. Love his wife.  Courageous men love their wives unconditionally.  They are kind, patient, protecting, trusting, and do not keep a record of wrongs.
  4. Bless his children.  A courageous man speaks to his children in way that encourages them and builds them up.  He blesses them with his words and actions.
  5. Live with honor.  Courageous men live with respect, are respected, and are confident in themselves.
  6. Fight for justice.  A courageous man will help those who cannot help themselves.
  7. Demonstrate love.  Courageous men do this even when others don’t demonstrate it to him.
  8. Provide for his family.  This is not just money and things.  Courageous men provide spiritually, intellectually, and with emotional stability.
  9. Reconcile with your past.  A courageous man does not allow his past to dictate his future.  His mistakes and the things others have done do not keep him from moving forward.
  10. Live with integrity.  A courageous man’s actions behind closed doors are no different than his actions in public.
  11. Be faithful.  Courageous men do what they say they will do when they say they are going to do it.  No exceptions.
  12. Leave a legacy.  A courageous man doesn’t live just for today, but for the days ahead.  Even for the days when he will no longer be around.

Men, how do you measure up to each one? Ladies, check out your man, is he or does he have what it takes to be a courageous husband and father?

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photo credit: TimDuran79 via photopin cc

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