What Your Man Loves About Your Body Might Surprise You — 8 Couples Share

The other day I was reading yet another awesome post by Brittany Herself in which she detailed how she had made a vow to have more sex with her husband. In her post, she talked about how she dealt with her own body insecurities and asked her husband to name his five favorite body parts on her.

His response?

“Butt, face, hair, lips, cleavage”

I found the whole post really refreshing and it was cute to hear how much her husband adored her body, not because it was cellulite-free or model-skinny, but because it was hers. I think that so often, especially in the bedroom, I am so worried about how my body looks or the fact that I still haven’t lost the baby weight (yes, my “baby” is 14 months, ok?) that I can’t really enjoy sex like I should with my husband. It comes down to the plain and simple fact that I don’t feel confident in my body–or believe it when my husband tells me that he loves my body.

And I’m sure I’m not alone, which is exactly why I thought it might be refreshing for us all to get a little reminder on just what our husband’s love about our bodies, so I did a little digging with some of my fellow bloggers to discover…

  • Bloggers discover. 1 of 9

    I set off on a little writing adventure to see if some of my favorite bloggers would dare to ask their husbands...

    "What do you love the most about my body?"

    Image via J & J Brusie Photography

  • A smile to melt your heart. 2 of 9
    "Me: What is your favorite part of my body?
    Nathan: Are you REALLY asking me this question?
    Me: Yes, I am.
    Nathan: If I was to separate the pieces of your body and pick a specific part, then I would not be looking at the WHOLE beautiful person you are. ALL the parts make up the woman I love."
    5 minutes later...
    Nathan: "But if I had to pick a specific part, I'd go with your smile."
    Me: "Really?! Thanks, babe!"
    Nathan: "Not a closed mouth smile. An open one!"
    He still makes me blush... and those comments pulled a wide-mouthed smile outta me!"
    Brittany of The Lily Field
  • In her husband’s eyes. 3 of 9

    "Surprisingly my least favorite body part is my husband's favorite. For as long as I can remember I have hated having "thick" legs. My mother's dad didn't have legs so I always knew to be thankful I had them but that didn't mean I had to like them. But in my husband's eyes they are just right." 

    Krishann of His Mr. Her Mrs. 

  • What Michelle’s man has to say… 4 of 9

    "He immediately says 'butt' and I said, 'No, you can't say that! It's not interesting enough!'

    So he says, "Ok. Ba-dunk-a-dunk."

    So clearly he fails.

    Michelle of Early Mama//Picture by Picnik Photography

  • A change of heart. 5 of 9

    "So, my husband's response when I asked him what his favorite body part was this: "Well, it was your booty (I had a pretty big post-pregnancy butt that is finally getting smaller). I guess it's your smile, because it lets me know you're happy. But that sounds cliche. It's really your booty."

    Gemma of Journey of Love

  • A spot of elegance. 6 of 9

    Like many of the men interviewed, my husband had the same shocked reaction. "Is this a real question?" he asked. "But I guess I'd have to say it's that spot behind your ear, on your neck. It's elegant."

    Chaunie of Tiny Blue Lines

  • Seeing her happy. 7 of 9

    "I like my wife's smile the best because no matter how our day is going once she smiles once, which is sometimes a battle, I remember I can make her happy and quit worrying about anything else." Awwww.

    Mandy of B Sides: The Amateur Mom

  • Hidden freckles. 8 of 9

    "Well the first thing he said was my hair. Then he said my eyes, nose and freckles because only he can see them!"

    Jacquelyn of J & J Brusie Photography

  • Make a spark. 9 of 9

    So, do you dare? Ask your man tonight what he loves about your body--his answer just may surprise you. 

    Image via J & J Brusie Photography

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