What Your ‘Trash the Dress’ Shots Really Look Like (Photos)

According to reports, the ‘Trash the Dress’ trend of wedding photography “started in 2001 when Las Vegas wedding photographer John Michael Cooper began photographing brides in unusual environments,” but has become increasingly popular around the world over the last five years. To trash a dress, or rock a frock (as it’s also called), brides typically don their dress a final time after their wedding ceremony and roll around on the beach, splash in waves, cover themselves in mud, walk through abandoned buildings or stand in the middle of traffic to make themselves look like a tragic and beautiful Queen of Filth. The goal of these shots is to evoke something ethereal or glamorous. It’s about adding a rock-and-roll element to a woman’s quiet pledge of domesticity. It’s about brides showing the world their individuality … all of them using the exact same formula to do it.

So to trash the dress or not? That is the question. Let me help you decide by sharing this slideshow of what ‘Trash the Dress’ shots are supposed to look like vs. what they end up looking like most of the time. You decide:

[collection type=’slideshow’ style=’classic’]


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