What Your Wedding Ring Says About You

This morning, my husband whipped off his wedding ring over our elegant breakfast of bacon and pancakes.

As he admired his freed hand, his glaring white ring tan line a forever mark against his ability to pass him off as a single man, I inspected his ring in horror.

Bent and tarnished, his ring looked like it was barely hanging on by a thread. But looking a little more closely at it, I realized, underneath the scuffs and scratches, his ring was holding strong and true.

Which got me thinking, his ring was more than a simple band of metal around his finger…

  • What does a wedding ring say about you? 1 of 10

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  • Yellow gold. 2 of 10

    My husband and I both chose simple gold bands for our wedding rings, which definitely says a lot about our personalities and our relationship--simple, strong, and somewhat traditional. And maybe just a slight touch lazy...

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  • Diamond solitaire. 3 of 10

    It was incredibly important to me to have a diamond solitaire for my engagement ring. I wanted something simple, classy, and elegant, without a lot of fuss and bother. And I have to admit, this is totally my personal style as well. I wear very little other jewelry and if I had more time and money, I would choose clothes that were simple and elegant instead of trendy and fashionable. 

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  • A pop of color. 4 of 10

    Much like the unexpected twist of color on a wedding band, couples who choose a colorful stone for their rings may have vibrant and fun personalities. In an article for SheKnows.com, author Margaret Ann Lembo says that colors can say a lot about a bride, such as: 

    • Red stones: You're vibrant and active.
    • Green stones: You're earthy and abundant.
    • Pink stones: You're romantic and nurturing.
    • Turquoise stones: You're talkative and creative.
    • Dark blue stones: You're wise, intelligent and intuitive.

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  • A family heirloom. 5 of 10

    Rings passed down from generation to generation may represent the importance of family and heritage, as well as the time-honored tradition of honoring the old with the new. Brides who choose to wear their husband's family heirloom may also be offering their literal hand to blending families.

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  • Multi-stone rings. 6 of 10

    Multi-stone rings may represent a complex relationship with many different facets. According to experts at SheKnows, women who choose multi-stone rings are flirty and looking for multiple ways to show their love.

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  • No ring. 7 of 10

    For a long time, my father-in-law, a 2nd-generation farmer, simply wore no ring after his broke in a farm accident. It wasn't a deliberate attempt to free himself from the clutches of married life, but instead a simple work hazard--his ring literally almost resulted in him losing his hand. For a long time, married men didn't wear wedding bands, probably more because they weren't property to be owned as women were in a marriage, and even today, some men prefer to eschew wedding bands. I have my thoughts on that subject, but to each his own I guess...

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  • Titanium rings. 8 of 10

    One of my family members has a titanium ring that I am slightly fascinated by. I always wonder if the ring is a symbol his personality, their love, or both--incredibly strong, untarnishable, and shining on despite a few scratches here and there.

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  • Just a band. 9 of 10

    I've noticed this trend lately, of brides and grooms choosing to eschew the splashy extravagance of a love on display through the size of a diamond, for the simple and understated wedding band alone; this choice may represent a focused love that isn't considered on what the world or outsiders think, but stands steady and true to itself. 

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  • The wrong ring = a bad marriage. 10 of 10

    Some traditions state that if a woman chooses the "wrong" ring for her, the marriage is doomed from the start, because obviously, communication is already lacking somewhere. So what do you think? 

    Do your wedding rings match your personalities? What about your relationship?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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