What Your Wife Really Wants to Hear You Say

A few months ago, I wrote a post on my blog called 25 Things Your Wife Will Love to Hear You Say. Apparently, this is something many men would love to know. At the same time, many wives desire encouraging words from their husbands. As a result, this post quickly became the most viewed post on my website.

Men are searching for answers

As I researched how and why so many people were viewing this post, I noticed a trend in search terms. They were searching for things like:

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There were many more, and many variations of them all. We know our wives need encouragement from us in marriage, but we are searching for just the right words to say. We know our marriages will benefit when we know what our wife really wants to hear us say.

My quest to find out

Upon realizing this, I decided to find out the most encouraging words for your wife.  I did this by asking several wives this question, “What words do you love to hear your husband say?

I received 12 responses, and I’m sharing their answers below. Men, the answers to these questions could very well be just what your wife wants to hear from you. Regardless, part of your job is to build her up. Our job is to encourage our wives, and we should strive to succeed in this area just like we do in all others.

Here is the answer to what your wife really wants to hear you say.

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    What Your Wife Really Wants to Hear You Say - Babble Relationships - Jackie Bledsoe, Jr.

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  • "I love you" 2 of 13

    I know it seems cliché but the most comforting words that come out of my husband's mouth is when he tells me "I love you."  I also love hearing him tell our daughters. These three words have the ability to make all of our faces light up. While my husband shows me that he loves me by his actions sometimes I need to hear it and hearing him say those words never gets old.

    Krishann Briscoe and her husband, Chris, have been married 3 years.  Krishann blogs at His Mrs. Her Mr, and is a contributor for Babble Relationships and Disney Baby.

  • "Babe, you’ve got this!" 3 of 13

    I know this may sound funny but I love it when my husband says, "Babe, you've got this!" Those are the words I need to hear whenever I am doubting myself, and the way he says it keeps me feeling focused and encouraged.

    Martine Foreman and her husband, Sean, have been married 5 years.  Martine blogs at CandidBelle, and is the editor and co-founder of JustDiva.

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  • "Let me know what you need." 4 of 13
    My husband encourages me even when he's not thinking about it. He constantly instills words of affirmation as it relates to me succeeding in life and in business - words like "You got this," "I believe in you," "Let me know what you need." But the best encouragement he gives me are the non-verbal sacrifices he makes for our family on a daily basis in order for me to live my dreams and fulfill my purpose. 
    Christine St. Vil and her husband Phillip have been married 8 years.  Christine is Founder/CEO of Moms ‘N Chargeâ„¢.
  • "I’m happy to be married to you" 5 of 13

    I love when my husband says "I'm happy to be married to you." It makes me feel good that after all our years together that he still feels happy and satisfied with the choice he made in me as a wife. It makes me feel confident in the job I'm doing as both a wife and a mother when he gives me this affirmation.

    Lauren Hartmann and her husband, Craig, have been married 11 years.  Lauren blogs at The Little Things We Do, and is a contributor for Babble Relationships.

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  • "Don’t worry, I got you" 6 of 13

    Words that I like to hear him say to me... "I love you babe." "Everything is going to be ok." "Don't worry. I got you." Those words all comfort and reassure me. I also love to hear him speak to our sons Mine and his that we brought into our marriage. Whether he is yelling at them about not mowing the grass, instructing them on how to drive, or just chatting about sports. I love to hear him being an active father with them and also to our daughter that we share.

    Stacey Taylor and her husband, Angelo, have been married 12 years.  Stacey blogs at The Sistah Cafe, and the creator of Our Natural Kids.

  • "At the end of the day we always have each other" 7 of 13

    I love to hear my husband say anything but most of all I love to hear him say, "you've got this," "that's why I married you..." and "at the end of the day we always have each other." He's great at making me realize what is most important which is my marriage and he makes me feel like I have superpowers, able to accomplish anything!

    Donnie Nicole Smith and her husband, Che' , have been married 4 years.  Donnie blogs at DonnieNicole.com, and is the Executive Director of Donda's House.

  • "I admire your drive" 8 of 13

    I love to hear my husband tell me "I love you,"  "you are gorgeous just the way you are," "you are a good mother," and "I admire your drive." He shares these things with me on a regular basis and it makes me feel so loved and supported!

    Amber L. Wright and her husband, Mohammed, have been married 7 years.  Amber blogs at TalkToAmber.com.


  • "Small thing to a giant" 9 of 13
    Whenever I am struggling with something, my husband always says "small thing to a giant" it's simple but it makes me feel like I can take on the world. 
    Tiya Cunningham-Sumter and her husband, Ken, have been married 15 years.  Tiya blogs at Not Your Average Advice, and is a Certified Life & Relationship Coach at Life Editing.
  • "I am proud of you" 10 of 13

    My husband encourages me by simply saying "I am proud of you." That propels me and let's me know that not only does he love me, he's proud of me. He is really generous with "thank you" as we'll. Such a simple gesture, but a very powerful one.

    Sheree Adams and her husband, Franklin, have been married 8 years.  Sheree blogs at Smart n Sassy Mom.

  • "You are my best friend" 11 of 13
    I love to hear my husband speak about how much he loves the Lord. It comforts me to know that he has a relationship with God and that he is covering our family in prayer and in study of the Word of God.  I also love to hear him say "you are my best friend." He doesn't say it often, but when he does I know he is speaking from his heart. 
    Dr. Michelle Johnson and her husband, Tacuma, have been married 17 years.  Dr. Michelle blogs at Alabaster Woman, and is the founder of Alabaster Ministries.
  • "You were born to succeed!" 12 of 13

    Whenever I run into a road block or find out disappointing news that may discourage me, my husband says … "Baby I know you better than you know yourself!  You were born to Succeed!"

    Utokia Langley and her husband, Trent, have been married 11 years.  Utokia blogs at She's Got Flavor.

  • "Relax. It will be okay" 13 of 13

    I love to hear my husband say "Relax. It will be okay." I often stress and start to feel anxious when things don't go as planned, especially when it involves our children or my business. Those words from him help me to step back, take a deep breath and put it all in perspective so that I can keep it moving.  

    Aja Dorsey Jackson and her husband, Steven, have been married 6 years.  Aja blogs at Making Love in the Microwave.

Ladies: What do you want to hear from your husband?

Fellas: What do you say to encourage your wife?

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