Which Dr. Seuss Villain Are You in Your Relationship?

I don’t know about you, but when I read Dr. Seuss books to my kid, I never identify with the villains. Who does, right? Those bad guys — those grouchy, stubborn, greedy sorry excuses for characters — are what parents like us don’t want our kids to become. That’s why we read these books to our kids! We want our kids to emulate the heroes and do the opposite of the villains.

That’s why we pride ourselves in not behaving like villains in real life.


Perhaps not so much all the time.

In honor of what would have been Dr. Seuss’s 100th birthday, I put a lot of thought into the Seuss villains of the human world and especially in the romantically involved human world. Let’s just say the outcome was a bit humbling.

Maybe it will be just as humbling for you. Let’s find out. Are you any of these Dr. Seuss villains?

  • Happy 100th Birthday, Dr. Seuss! 1 of 8

    Turns out, adults can learn a thing or two from the late author too!

  • Sam 2 of 8

    You know Sam. He was convinced that he didn't like Green Eggs and Ham. While I'm all for green vegetables, who can blame the dude? Green ham is what you usually toss in the trash on the day you are cleaning out your fridge. Just saying.


    How You Might Be Just Like Sam: Has someone in your life — a spouse, a friend, your kid, your mother — ever been really excited about something? Maybe, I don't know, say, they wanted you to do something absolutely crazy like ride a roller coaster and you were all like, "I told you: I do not like roller coasters!" And, sure, maybe you didn't get all rhyme-y with it by singing, "I don't like roller coasters in the dark, nor do I like them in the park. I don't like them when they are up and I don't even like them if I'm riding in a tea cup." But you still refused to try something new. Sound familiar? Then you've been a Sam.


    Photo Credit: Seuss-ipidia

  • The Fox in Sox 3 of 8

    Remember him? He keeps one-upping poor Knox and just won't quit with the tongue twisters. Eventually Knox blows his top and puts Fox in his place.


    How You Might Be Just Like Fox: Ever made someone feel inferior by saying, "Look, it's easy. I can do it. If I can do it, you can do it."? If so, you've been the Fox.


    Photo Credit: Seuss-ipidia

  • The Grinch 4 of 8

    He was so grumpy that he stole Christmas because he didn't want to listen to the singing or experience other people being happy.


    How You Might Be Just Like the Grinch: So you know how everyone in your family loves a certain show that gets on your nerves, and you refuse to let them watch it because, well, it gets on your nerves?!? Or maybe you've told your spouse that you can never ever in a million years entertain his friends because his friends are annoying. If so, you've been the Grinch in your relationship.


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  • Sour Kangaroo 5 of 8

    She's the one in Horton Hears a Who! who keeps ridiculing Horton for believing that tiny beings are living in the little flower he is carrying around in his trunk. She's so mean to Horton. Oh, so, so mean.


    How You Might Be Just Like Sour Kangaroo: So let's say a loved one believes in something that can't be proven. Maybe your loved one, for instance, believes that a certain shirt is lucky and must be worn during certain ball games. And you just can't get over it. Not a day goes by that you don't bring it up and mention how improbable it is that your loved one could possibly be right. Sure, how could a shirt help a team win a game? How is that even remotely possible?!? I get it. I do. So maybe you even pull others into the ongoing argument, getting them to roll their eyes and ridicule your loved one, too. Or maybe you keep trying to give that lucky shirt to Goodwill, but your spouse keeps saving the shirt at the last minute. Feeling a little sour?


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  • The Zax 6 of 8

    You remember them, right? One was going north. The other was going south. They bumped. Then they wasted the rest of their lives facing off, waiting for the other to give in.


    How You Might Be a Zax: You know that issue — that ongoing argument that you just won't let go? The thing that keeps coming up again and again? The one where you dig in and stand your ground and refuse to budge? That standstill? The gridlock in your relationship? That thing that causes you to say, "Never budge! That's my rule. Never budge the least!" That.


    Photo Credit: Seuss-ipidia

  • The Once-ler 7 of 8

    The Once-ler is the dude who cut down all the beautiful Truffula Trees and made silly shirt-like-things out of them.


    How You Might Be a Once-ler: Sure, maybe you didn't chop down all the trees in your backyard, but perhaps you greedily squandered other non-renewable resources in your relationship: time, energy, and money. How equitably do you share these precious resources? If your spouse constantly complains that she or he is doing nearly all of the household labor while you skate by, you might be a Once-ler. You also might be a Once-ler if you don't take turns reaching life goals or if you don't invest time and energy into keeping your relationship vibrant.


    Photo Credit: Seuss-ipidia

  • Thing One and Thing Two 8 of 8

    You remember them from The Cat in the Hat, the two blue-haired things in red suits who made a mess out of the house? 


    How You Might Be a Thing: So you know how your spouse doesn't like it when you get the kids all riled up just before bedtime? You know how you do it anyway? Because it's fun? And it makes you feel good? That's the thing.


    Photo Credit: Seus-ipedia

Humbled? I kind of thought so.

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