Who’s Cheating? The Infidelity Statistics That May Surprise You

I have to be honest with you — when I hear about spouses cheating, the only thought I have is:

Who has time for that? 

Between work and school and kids, I barely have time to sleep with the man I married, let alone get myself all gussied up to go chase after another one. (Oh, and the thought that I would have to introduce someone completely new to the stretch-marked mass formerly known as my body? Shudder…)

Maintaining the relationship I have is hard enough, so I simply can’t fathom the extra time, effort, and energy that it would take to try to embark on a new one.

But then again — maybe that’s the point. 

According to the statistics released by Statistic Brain, gleaned from the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, there’s a lot more cheatin’ going on out there than you may realize. Here are 9 infidelity statistics that may surprise you …

  • 9 Infidelity Statistics That May Surprise You 1 of 10

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  • Almost half of all marriages involve some sort of cheating 2 of 10

    Among married couples surveyed, 41% admitted to some sort of cheating. 

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  • Not all cheating is physical 3 of 10

    The guilty parties of that 41% who admitted to cheating also confessed to what they called "emotional" infidelity. Although nothing physical had taken place, these spouses felt that they had crossed the emotional line appropriate only for their committed partners. And in some cases, spouses or partners who have been cheated on actually felt like emotional infidelity was more hurtful than physical cheating. 

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  • Women are cheaters too 4 of 10

    Although men took the lead on the sex's most-likely-to-cheat award, women weren't exactly innocent on the scale either. While 57% of men surveyed admitted to cheating in one or more relationship throughout their love lives, 54% of women fessed up to being guilty as well. 

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  • Married men cheat more 5 of 10

    Although almost just as many women as men admitted to cheating in a relationship, the numbers get a bit more skewed when it comes to marriage. 22% of married men admitted to cheating at least once during the course of their marriages, while only 14% of married women cheated on their husbands. 

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  • Business or pleasure? 6 of 10

    You may want to think twice about that business trip your spouse is taking next week — 35% of cheaters said that their infidelity happened while on a business trip. 

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  • It’s all in the family 7 of 10

    Okay, this one rather grosses me out. A whopping 17% of cheaters admitted to cheating with — wait for it — their brother- or sister-in-law. Blech!

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  • They’re not just flings 8 of 10

    According to this study, the notion of a one-time "fling" is not really accurate. These statistics showed that on average, affairs lasted a whole two years

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  • Once a cheater… 9 of 10

    In a rather depressing statistic that I really, really hope isn't totally accurate, 74% of men said that they would have an affair if they knew they would never get caught, while 68% of women said the same. 

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  • It’s not all fun and games 10 of 10
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    But if all of this talk about cheating has you worried, perhaps this fact may comfort you: A study by the University of Florence found that cheating men were more likely to die of heart attacks while having sex with someone other than their wives. Talk about getting caught red-handed!

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