Why Every Bride Deserves a Wedding Day Picture “Redo”

As I shared with you in my article, 12 Ways I Saved Money on My Dream Wedding, my husband and I cut a lot of costs to make our wedding happen a little more quickly and sooner than we had anticipated.

One of the ways that we saved a ton of money was forgoing hiring a professional photographer, something which I still have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, borrowing a fancy camera and asking my uncle to snap a few hundred pictures of us that day really did save us thousands of dollars we just didn’t have; on the other hand, what bride doesn’t want jaw-dropping, stunning pictures of herself on her wedding day?

I dream about showing our kids the pictures from our wedding day someday. I really do hope that they are as romantic and dreamy as any kids hope to see their parents. You know, way back when their parents were exciting young people and not the hopeless, ridiculous old people that they inevitably turn into.

So, yeah. We saved a lot of money, which I am grateful for. And we did end up with a few “classic” shots that I will be happy to show off to our children one day, but deep down — let’s be honest — of course I dream about having romantic, beautiful shots of my wedding day.

Further complicating matters of my misgivings about the lack of quality photography on our wedding day is the fact that, oh yeah, I was five months pregnant.

And while I do think pregnant brides can be be beautiful, again, I have to admit that I have daydreamed about what I could have looked like on my wedding day, Pinterest-style, minus the baby bump.

My friends, enter the wedding day redo. 


I came across these gorgeous photos the other day and I literally stopped in my virtual tracks. This cute couple, Alyssa and Curt (that’s them in the picture!), were unhappy with the way that their original wedding day photos turned out so they hired a photographer (for a whole heck of a lot cheaper than the original wedding day, I might add) and re-lived their big day to get the creative, gorgeous shots they had always dreamed of.

“My [original] photographer only took traditional photos and I wanted more personal and artistic pictures of my husband and I,” explains Alyssa. “I didn’t want poor quality pictures to remind me of my wedding day!”

Photographer Jacquelyn Kippenbrock has seen a lot more requests for wedding day picture “redos” over the past year. 

“I think it’s becoming more popular because the wedding day is always very rushed, and you usually don’t have a lot of time for creative poses,” says Jacquelyn. “Or the time of the day allotted for pictures is usually right in the middle of the day and the lighting is very harsh. Usually the best time to shoot for romantic sunset poses is at the same time dinner is served, so you miss out on the day of your wedding.”

She also attributes sites like Pinterest and Weddinggawker to the rise. “Brides have access to these beautiful and creative wedding photography,” she explains. “Seeing them, they wish that they had the chance to have something like it to hang on their walls. And, of course, every girl wishes she had a reason to wear her wedding dress again!”

Although Alyssa admits that she was a bit nervous about fitting into her dress again and worried that her hair and make-up may not look as professional as it did on her wedding day, she is so glad that she opted for a wedding day picture re-do.

“I would reccomend a photo shoot re-do to any bride who is unhappy with their wedding day photos,” says Alyssa firmly. “I am thrilled with the outcome of our pictures!”

I can’t wait to convince my husband that we too, need a wedding day photo re-do. I’m thinking fall next year, definitely. And the one bonus of getting married at 5 months pregnant?

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to worry about my wedding dress not fitting…

Image via J & J Brusie Photography

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