6 Signs He Might Think You’re “The One”

What makes a man choose you? What makes him say, she is the one for me, and makes him want to commit to you and only you? You probably aren’t the only woman he finds attractive. To be real, he may even find somebody else more attractive. In spite of all that, when you come to mind, he thinks you are “the one.”

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I was reading an article in the Huffington Post about two men in a bar who had their eye on one particular woman. One man criticized the other for not having any game for missing out on an opportunity to “give her a (pick up) line.” This guy had all the answers, and all the game, according to him. Only at the end of the night, only one of them, the one with “no game,” walked out with a phone number.

The girl was apparently impressed with the guy who didn’t have game. This seems a little strange because it sometimes seems the guy with the most game, the most wit, or the most charm is the one who impresses the girl. This made me think about what impresses guys, or what leads him to think you are “the one.” It’s not completely about her “game,” which to a man is her looks.

Here are a handful of reasons he might think you are “the one”:

1.) You are real.
You are who you are, and you are consistent with it. No matter the setting or who you are around, he sees the same genuine person.  And he likes this person. He knows exactly what or who he is going to get when he is with you. I remember when dating my wife, that she was the same in all situations. That meant she was true to me.

2.) You are a lady.
I can remember when my wife and I we were interested in dating each other, how much of a lady she was. Poise, posture, and all of that. We hung out in clubs, with friends’ places, or at Denny’s, and she always commanded the respect of a lady. She made me want to open up doors, and pull out her chair, just by the way she carried herself. I soon thought she was “the one.”

3.) You don’t need him, but you want him.
It’s cool when she is all over you, but that might not make him think you are “the one.” It actually may make him think you are desperate or needy. Neither of which he wants. What he wants is someone who doesn’t need him but wants him. When he knows you will still be okay without him, but you still want to be with him, then he might think you are “the one.”

4.) You aren’t afraid to speak your mind, but you are respectful when doing so.
My wife has always been quiet, until she has something on her mind. Then she’ll say what she has to say. But she always has respect for me and whoever she is speaking her mind to. That made me think she might be “the one” because I dated some girls who spoke their mind constantly, which was cool, but it wasn’t always respectful.

5.) He trusts you with his heart.
If he doesn’t trust you, he will never think you are “the one.” Men have feelings too. We typically don’t let them be known, until we think she is “the one.” At that point, we are so wide open that a breach in trust can do some serious damage to us (and our male ego). When he trusts you completely, he might think you are “the one.”

6.) He hasn’t quite figured you out yet.
To this day, after being married for more than 12 years, and knowing one another for over 20 years, I still learn new stuff about my wife. And I love it! It seems I still don’t have her completely figured out, which makes it fun and exciting. I like learning and I really like learning new stuff about my wife. When there is still something for him to experience with you, he might think you are “the one.”

When did you know he thought you were “the one?”

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