Why Mayim Bialik’s Marriage Failed

“Did attachment parenting do in ‘Blossom’ star’s marriage?” That was the title of an article I read this morning in the Chicago Sun-Times about the news that actress Mayim Bialik is splitting from her husband of nine years. Though Mayim issued a statement saying that her divorce had nothing to do with the couple’s practice of attachment parenting, the article insinuated that it very well may have been the culprit. That is interesting conjecture, but I think it misses the real smoking gun in what caused the divorce of The Big Bang Theory star.

For the inevitable follow-up article getting to the bottom of this divorce, I suggest the Chicago Sun-Times consider the following titles:

“Did Emmy Nomination do in ‘Blossom’ star’s marriage?”

Last year Bialik was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series along with Sofia Vergara, Kristen Wiig, and Kathryn Joosten, all of whom have been divorced. Not only that, but the coveted Outstanding Comedy Award was won by Modern Family, which stars Ed O’Neill as the divorced patriarch of a large, extended family.

“Did Higher Education do in ‘Blossom’ star’s marriage?”

Bialik earned a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from UCLA in 2000, then, in 2007, completed her PhD. According to a UCLA student I met in line at Target, “UCLA is, like, really hard and totally messed up her relationship with her boyfriend.” Even more damning? I once saw this movie called Shadowlands where Anthony Hopkins played a highly educated professor who was emotionally unavailable and bad at relationships.

“Did Twitter do in ‘Blossom’ star’s marriage?”

Mayim Bialik is an admitted user of Twitter, a social media website that has included the word “divorce” in hundreds if not thousands of trending topics. (Maybe tens of thousands? I don’t know – I didn’t research this.) In fact, Kim Kardashian’s divorce sparked nine trending topics alone the first day it was announced.

“Did Kim Kardashian do in ‘Blossom’ star’s marriage?”

Like the rest of humanity, Mayim was subjected to the endless discussion of Kim’s divorce on TV, the Internet, in magazines, and while getting pedicures. We won’t truly understand the impact of the Kardashian divorce on the world for many, many years, but it may have played a role here.

“Did The Big Bang Theory do in ‘Blossom’ star’s marriage?”

I’m not talking about the show, but the actual theory, which says that the universe is expanding and all matter is moving away from other matter. Mayim’s moving away from her husband likely can be blamed on science-y stuff.

Of course, if the editors at the Chicago Sun-Times don’t like these titles they could instead run articles that don’t attempt to diagnose the failed marriage of a couple they’ve likely never met.

Could attachment parenting cause a couple to split? Sure, just about anything can cause friction in a marriage, but it (or any other type of parenting) could also bring a couple closer together if they both believe it’s the right choice for their family. In my humble opinion, marriages are most in trouble when communication is poor and the couple no longer is on the same page about things. I have no idea if that is what split up Mayim and her husband, though. After all, it would be kind of tacky to try and guess why a marriage failed, don’t you think?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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