Why Separate Bank Accounts Are Bad For Your Marriage

Marriage is the ultimate “partnership.” It is the only relationship you voluntarily enter that is supposed to be forever. You are supposed to die in order to end your marriage … “til death do you part.” But some marriage couples aren’t fully ready to go “all in.” At least when it comes to money. Nonetheless, studies have shown that separate bank accounts are bad for your marriage.

No separation in marriage

I understand not all marriages end in death, some end in something worse — divorce. But that is not the point in this article or the research I found about pooling financial resources, or sharing bank accounts in marriage.

When my wife and I got married, neither of us objected to opening up joint accounts. Everything in our relationship is ours. There is no yours, or mine. It didn’t seem like too big of a deal.

Shared accounts … easier said than done

But other couples have had a much harder time. The studies done and discussed in this article show that it’s a bad thing, to have separate bank accounts. I personally think it’s less about the money, and more about the relationship.

Separating bank accounts shows an unwillingness to go all in. If you can’t go all in to your marriage, then what can you go all in to? And why not? When comparing to a parental relationship, you don’t give your kids a lot of money because you’re concerned that they will not use it correctly.

Could this be a reason for separate bank accounts? Or are there other reasons. Check out the slideshow below for 7 reasons separate bank accounts are bad for your marriage.

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    Wedding couple standing on a Dollar Bank Note

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  • Men drink more…kind of 2 of 8

    When having separate bank accounts, men spend more of "their" money on alcohol (73%). This is not good for the husband or wife.

  • Women spend more of their money on childcare 3 of 8

    Ladies, when you keep separate accounts you end up spending more of "your" money on the childcare expenses (78%).

  • Men spend a lot more on cars 4 of 8

    When it comes to car expenses this is another area where the men use "their" money more (69%). I can imagine a car lover will spend even more.

  • Women spend more on children’s clothes 5 of 8

    In addition to childcare, women spend more on the clothes for their kids (85%).

  • You aren’t fully committed 6 of 8

    When you fully commit to something you go ALL IN. Not only in a few areas. Just think if you were asked to accept this in any other area of the marriage. How about you don't share a house? Or you don't share food, as each person is responsible for their own. Many men would be hurt here. If you are going to commit in marriage, then commit fully.

  • There is a lack of trust 7 of 8

    I used an example of not giving something to your kids because you don't think they'll use it responsibly. The same goes for your money and your marriage. If you fully trust you will not have a problem mixing up your money.

  • You earned it, thus get to choose how to spend it…WRONG! 8 of 8

    Although you may have showed up at work, made the sale, or created the service you didn't do it alone. Your spouse helps make many of those opportunities a possibility for you. Marriage is a team game, when one person wins both win, when one loses both lose. You may have different roles, but you are on the same team.

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