Why Some Relationships Don’t Last

Nikki Novo Personal Development Coach Miami

It’s really difficult for me to hear a breakup story. I sympathize with the person to the point that I feel my stomach drop.

For those of you who followed my previous blog, you know I’ve had my fair share of short-lived relationships — and, um, pretty awesome dating stories. And while I spent most of my single years dating it up and loving a lot of the process, I did have a few encounters with people I thought should have lasted longer. You know, like I thought the relationship was supposed to last.

It’s true when they say, “Only time will tell.” Well, time is here, and I have something to tell.

After my “failed” relationships, I remember spending a lot of time wondering what I did wrong and what I could have done to make it last. These thoughts plagued my mind for an embarrassing amount of time. And now is when I finally see what I did wrong.

I believed (actually, I insisted) that the relationship was supposed to last longer than it did. But that was never its intention.

People come into our lives at certain times for a distinct purpose. They bring out things in ourselves that we never knew existed. Maybe he taught you to have fun? Maybe he made you feel really hot? Or maybe he supported you in finding your life’s purpose? But that doesn’t mean he was meant for the long haul.

The key is to be thankful for the inner gifts those people brought to the surface, and acknowledge that you (and maybe him, too) have evolved beyond that relationship.

So why don’t some relationships last? Because the universe knows you can do better. Just wait and see.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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