Why Spending More Time in the Bedroom Could Make You Smarter

If you have a very smart spouse, you could be the reason why. On the other hand, if he isn’t the brightest of the bunch, you might be at fault. How, you ask? It’s not because you encouraged him to go back to school, or that you teach him everything you know. It has to do with how much time you spend together in the bedroom. According to some, spending more time in the bedroom makes you smarter, and if that is so, the more you do, the smarter your spouse is. So, if you want an intelligent man or woman, make sure you’re spending enough one-on-one time together.

More love, more smarts?

I didn’t make this up.

Wait, before you think this is a ploy to help men have make love more in their relationships, I didn’t make it up. I read it in an article on, and it applies to both men and women.

The article is based on the sexual activities of rodents. The studies show this activity produces new neurons in the brain, and a part of the brain called the hippocampus, where long-term memories form, grow and thrive. Again, as much as I’d like to believe this, post it on our bedroom mirror for my wife to see, and share it with everyone to help out my fellow men! I am skeptical.

Could it be the opposite: that smart people just spend more time having sex? Here’s why I think that’s a strong possibility:

  1. Smart people have better communication. One thing that leads to my wife and I being more intimate is the depth of our conversations. When we make time to talk more and are able to have deeper conversations, we are drawn closer to one another and encourages intimacy.
  2. Smart people understand are perceptive. In marriage it is important that the needs of your spouse are met. My wife and I have learned this over 12-plus years of marriage. Smart people seek to understand their mate, and learn what they need in the relationship. The not-so-smart people have no clue, therefore they have a harder time meeting those needs.
  3. Smart people tend to be in relationships with other smart people. Typically, the ability to have intelligent conversation is a huge draw in a partner. Therefore, a smart person more than likely will gravitate toward a person near their level of “smarts” when choosing a mate. That means two smart people in a relationship leads to more communication and more needs being met based on the previous two points.

There you have it, the connection to being smart and spending more time in the bedroom. As I said above I’m skeptical of answering the question “does spending more time in the bedroom make you smart?” by making assumptions about love and our intelligence based on the behavior of rodents, but my argument is no more scientific.

I will say, don’t make spending more time in the bedroom the focal point of your relationship. Instead make meeting the needs of your significant other the focal point. The other will take care of itself when needs are met, and you won’t care how smart you or your significant other is when that is working well.

If spending more time in the bedroom does make you smarter, who benefits the most, men or women?

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