Why Wait for the Bad Times? Get Couples Therapy Now!

Do you visit your doctor at least once per year to have a physical?  Do you go to the dentist twice per year to have your teeth cleaned?  Do you have your car tuned-up or winterized once per year?

Most people typically have routine checks or tune-ups for their health and cars.  Why do couples only get checked out after problems arise?  Perhaps you shouldn’t wait…maybe you should get couples therapy now!

Why Wait for the Bad Times? Get Couples Therapy Now!
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Preventative Marriage Counseling

I recently wrote an article on 5 Ways Preventative Marriage Counseling Can Help Your Marriage.  In the article, I made the argument that if you are waiting until things are messed up in your marriage for couples therapy, then you should go now.  Because your marriage is messed up…now!

Just like your car is not running the way it was when it came off the factory floor, your marriage isn’t like it was when you first walked down that aisle into your honeymoon.

Your marriage may not be totally broken down, but it probably could use a good tune-up.

Couples therapy…the death sentence?

Two different people coming together to live and function as one is tough!  Couples therapy or marriage counseling can be a helpful form of marriage maintenance for your relationship.  Keeping things working well and alerting you in advance of potential problems.  However, unlike a car tune-up or your annual physical, it comes with a stigma.  An article on even said some view couples therapy as a death sentence.  Don’t believe the hype.

As you read further on in the article, you’ll see some of the benefits counseling can have in your relationship.  It even addresses counseling when one person in the relationship has mental illness.  I can only imagine how challenging that must be.

Our choice to get counseling

My wife and I recently started “unofficial” preventative couples therapy.  We have learned a lot.  We’ve uncovered some things, and even disclosed some things we’ve never shared with one another.  We did it because we are committed to one another, and want to address it sooner rather than later.  We realize we need help from one another to overcome it.

I don’t know where you are in your relationship, but I’m sure your relationship is not perfect.  I encourage you to go get checked out.  Having the third party may allow you both to open up, and it may reveal some things you didn’t know were there.  Couples therapy, whether preventative or as a result of some issues, shows you care and you want to make it work.  It is definitely not the death sentence!

Would you consider couples therapy?

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