Why You Need To Hire a Wedding Videographer

Engagement ring?


Reception hall?




Wedding videographer?

Wait, what?

If you haven’t considered hiring a videographer for your wedding yet, you need to. Videography is fast becoming an essential part of the perfect wedding package — and for good reason.

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In a world where everything is captured online, in pictures or video, how can you leave one of the most important days of your life to still photography alone?

Thomas Saelens is a professional videographer who founded his own company, Elite Productionz, shortly after graduating with his Bachelor’s of Sciences in Television and Digital Media Productions.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words,” Saelens told me, “So think of it this way: I’m shooting about 30 pictures a second, so I am telling a story worth so much more.” 

For a lot of couples, hiring a videographer for their weddings is a no-brainer.

“I decided to go with a videographer early on in our engagement after doing some pre-wedding research,” says newlywed Leanna Pender. “On a number of bridal blogs and articles, the number one regret from married couples was that they didn’t end up hiring a videographer, so I figured right then I didn’t want to pass up that opportunity!”

Because wedding videographers’ schedules need to fill up pretty quickly, Leanna recommends booking early. “Once we decided on our venue and got an idea of our attendees, I prioritized the videographer and photographer above all of the other details,” she explains.

The Knot reported in 2012 that on average, couples spend almost $27,000 dollars on their big day–with wedding videography costing less than $1,500 of that budget, making it seem like a very doable option. Thomas also points out that a video is able to capture many experiences that photography alone can’t: the bride’s walk down the aisle, cutting back to her husband-to-be fighting tears at her beauty, the faces of family and friends that they love. A video can capture the entire mood and energy of your special day.

“It’s about those small details that photography might forget too,” says Thomas. “That time spent getting ready before the ceremony or the guests trickling in. I love capturing those moments.”

And for brides like Leanna, the real treat is being able to conjure up her special day whenever she wants.

“I know we’re in for an awesome treat when we do get to sit down and re-live the day!” she exclaims happily.

I have to say that I am pretty sad that we don’t have a fancy-schmancy video of our wedding day; heck, we don’t even have professional pictures of our wedding day. You cut costs a bit when you get married at 21, I guess. For now, I’ll just have to enjoy my sister-in-law’s gorgeous wedding video, featuring, of course, the most beautiful flower girl of all time.

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Video courtesy of Elite Productionz, used with permission. 

Image courtesy of J & J Brusie Photography

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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