Why You Should Date a Man Who Smiles

Why You Should Date a Man Who Smiles There are so many things I remember about the night I met my husband. The nervousness I felt as I got ready to go out with one of my best friends for the first time since becoming a single mom. My eyes meeting his as we all climbed into his car to head to a lounge for the evening (he and my good friend were coworkers and friends and she was sure to tell me how wonderful he was) and the million thoughts that ran through my head like “what am I doing going out?” and “can I talk about my kid?” Because I was at a place in my life where my child was my world, at the forefront of all almost every conversation, and the idea of having another person be a part of it was scary. Dating was scary as was the possibility that no one would want to date me because I was a mom (of a 15-month-old nonetheless), or damaged goods. The problem is I had bought into that “no one is ever gonna want you” crap. (For the record, he was wrong. So wrong.)

If I close my eyes I can literally see the night unfolding before my eyes. I can recall our conversations and what we were wearing. I can recall how my girlfriends looked at me and smiled. Perhaps proud that I wasn’t hiding out in a corner being scared or antisocial, I can see how I danced sans rhythm because I have none (not even a smidge). I can see myself in the bathroom telling my best friend, “I like him!” I mean sure, I didn’t know him but the thing is I felt like I did. Something inside of me had me convinced that if there was such a thing as “meant to be” we were that. And if I keep my eyes closed for a little longer I can still see his smile. After all, it was his smile that drew me. It was his smile that made me feel comfortable sitting beside him engaging in a conversation. It was his smile that made me feel comfortable enough to dance on the dance floor despite being an all-star wall flower; it was his smile that prompted me to utter the words, “You can call me sometime,” as we parted ways. And years later it is his smile that still has the ability to make my heart light up.

According to an expert article by Your Tango you can tell a lot about a man who smiles. Expert Charles Orlando encourages those who are dating to “date a man who smiles.” For it is in his smiles that we are able to find out a lot about who he is. Guys who smile are described in such a way that it seems they have a love for life. The article goes on to describe various characteristics of men who smile, my favorite being Charles’ take on perfection and how Mr. Smile will respond should you make a mistake: “He knows that people aren’t perfect because he isn’t. He acknowledges his faults, so he won’t hold yours against you.”

My husband is this kind of guy. From the beginning it was important that we both be as transparent as possible. For us part of our transparency has been learning to admit when we’ve screwed up. One of the things I appreciate most about my husband is that he doesn’t want me to be perfect. He just wants me to be who I am and keep giving our relationship everything I’ve got. He knows mistakes are inevitable. He is quick to forgive and not one to hold grudges. He may be grumpy from time to time or irritable but those moments are short lived. His smiles are always quick to make a comeback.

So I get the rationale for dating a man who smiles — sincere, genuine smiles. And one of the best parts about smiles is that they are contagious. Which means your guy may not be the only one who is all smiles. For more on dating a man who smiles visit Your Tango, but before you go do share? Is your guy mostly smiles? And if so did that play a role in you deciding you’d like to keep him around?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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