Why You Should Make a Big Deal About “The Big Game”

Football’s super Sunday is fast approaching. If your man is into sports even just a little, he’s aware and probably has some buddies who’ll be taking part in some big game festivities. This time of year is sort of a holiday for men. There are usually numerous party and gathering options to choose from, and all kinds of football-themed party favors and supplies. It is a big deal, and you should make a big deal about it.


Throughout the year, there are national holidays like Valentine’s Day, regionally observed holidays like Sweetest Day, wedding anniversaries, and depending on how you roll in your relationship, you may even have month-iversaries. Most of those are geared toward the woman in the relationship. The man may get some enjoyment too, but the emphasis is for the man to make his lady feel wonderful and special.

Sometimes these holidays are so special, you probably remember exactly what you did (or didn’t do), where you were, and what you received as a gift on most of them. This is very similar to how men remember each Sunday night football game. I can tell you where we were on each of the past few Super Sunday events. Last year, we were at home and my daughter and I made crab legs together. That memory is sealed. In 2011 we were at some friend’s house for a party.  In 2009 we were at a different set of friends’ house, and the fellas were playing Madden football on the Xbox before the game and at halftime. You get the picture.

The point is this is a big deal, and a fun time for guys. Think of it like you would want him to think about it, and prepare for one of the special days you enjoy celebrating. Plan it, set it up, and allow him to fully enjoy it. The great part is you will receive some benefits, too.

Here are 3 reasons to enjoy this weekend’s football festivities as a couple:

1.) You will become the girl of his dreams.
Guys love sports, and when their girlfriend or wife enjoys it with them, or even better, when they make the experience more enjoyable by making a big deal about it, then you become that girl.

2.) You will now be part of that memory.
As I said earlier, I remember where I was, and in some cases what we ate. When you make a big deal about the big game, you will create an irreplaceable memory of you and that experience in his brain.

3.) You will enjoy it right along with him.
When you take the time to make it special for him, you’ll be right there engaged, and having a great time. If you plan and prepare, then you can add some things you enjoy as well.

What are your plans for the football’s “Super Sunday?”

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