Why You Should Surprise Your Significant Other for No Reason at All

Birthdays … Valentine’s Day … anniversaries … month-iversaries … Christmas … Sweetest Day. There are plenty of reasons to give gifts, do something nice, or take your significant other out. It is expected. No matter what you do — big or small, they are expecting you to do something. If you don’t believe that, then try not doing something.

But what about Tuesday, the 1st, or Saturday the 5th? Wouldn’t it be great if your spouse or significant other did something unexpected for no reason at all? What type of impact would that have on you and your relationship? An amazing impact, that’s what.

I’m willing to bet if you treated Wednesday, April 2 like it was Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, it would mean more than what you do on those occasions.

I know for my wife it means the world to be surprised. She adores surprises. She loves to be surprised, and she loves to surprise other people. But outside of that, it’ll show her I’m thinking about her, I really love her, and I really want to make her happy. Sometimes that is all you need in a relationship. To know you are on somebody’s mind and heart and that they’re willing to take action to show it.

So, while today is April Fools’ Day, instead of surprising him/her with a joke, surprise them with a non-anniversary “anniversary gift,” or a special non-Valentine’s Day date. But don’t let it end there. I encourage you to make it a habit. My guess is the favor will be returned at some time.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Get dressed up and go out like you do on your anniversary.

2. Take a spontaneous weekend trip away, or if you can’t get away, have a staycation at a nice hotel in your area.

3. Throw a surprise party complete with friends and family for your spouse or significant other.

What ideas do you have to surprise him/her for no reason at all?

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