Why Your Relationship Might Only Be Real to You

When you enter into a relationship you hope he is just as interested in you, as you are in him. When it is real to you, you want it to be real to him. Sometime that is not always the case. That is not always easy to tell. But occasionally it may be obvious to everyone, but you!


How does that happen? How can you be living a dream of a relationship, that is really no relationship at all? Below is a YouTube video I found  in this Huff Post article that gives an example of how this can happen. Before you watch the video, read my three points, or mistakes the girl in the video made which lead her believe this “imaginary” relationship was real. Mistakes you should avoid.

She fell for him before she even knew him. Her words were “he seems cool” based on a glimpse in his life on Facebook, and his friends. She knew the online him, but not the real him. When you enter a relationship make sure you really know him.

She assumed he was in love with her, when she was really nothing to him. She began planning portions of their life, without his input. Instead of letting an actual relationship develop over time, several dates, and time together, she took off running without him anywhere in site. When you enter a relationship don’t assume anything. Take time, and don’t move too fast.

She wouldn’t listen to reason, or her friends. Her friend tried to tell her that she didn’t even know him, so she shouldn’t be planning, fantasizing, or stalking him. Unfortunately she didn’t listen, and kept believing in this relationship that was never real from the beginning. Be realistic with the status of your relationship, and listen to those who truly care about you.

Have you ever been in a relationship like that? 😉

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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