Widowed in Their 20s, Jordan and Jessica – Meant for Each Other [VIDEO]

I am not the emotional type of guy. I think I was robbed of my tear ducts or something. But every now and then, something gets me, and gets me good. The story of Jordan and Jessica is one of those “somethings.” Their story is truly the stuff movies are made of.

Jordan Rice and Jessica Moreland both lost their spouses due to tragic deaths. Not easy to deal with for anyone, but especially someone in their 20s. Jessica’s husband died from injuries he received in a motorcyle accident only a couple months after they were married. Jordan’s wife died from an aggressive form of cancer not too long after they were married as well.

Widowed in your 20s, but there is hope

Some friends of Jordan shared Jessica’s story with him, and he decided to reach out to her on Facebook. His request was successful, as Jessica accepted his friend request, and the rest is…like I said, the stuff movies are made of.

Instead of my telling the story, I’ll let Jordan and Jessica tell you in their own words.

Take a few minutes to watch Jordan and Jessica’s story below. First, grab a few tissues because it may just be one of those “somethings” for you.

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Video and Photo source: YouTube

Wasn’t that an amazing story! Now, be honest. Was it one of those “somethings” for you? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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