Woman Marries Recipient of Her Organ Years After Transplant

donorIt is pretty evident that many of us will jump leaps and bounds when it comes to love. We will do things we never thought we would do, all in the name of it. We step out of our comfort zone and give all we’ve got literally and figuratively. Ultimately, we all want the best for the people we love. But what happens when you are willing to do something seemingly drastic, or at the very least extraordinary, and not in the name of love but just as an act of sheer kindness and generosity?

Today I read a story, as reported by ABC News, about a woman who gave her kidney to a man she didn’t even know. It is something most of us wouldn’t imagine doing, at least not if we were still living. Sure donating extra clothing or money or food is easy. We will gladly give the things that we don’t need any longer and/or make a contribution to help make someone’s life better, but giving up an organ to a stranger is an entirely different situation.

But this woman, Chelsea Clair of Indiana, did exactly that. She gave her kidney to Kyle Froelich, a man she had never met. After learning from a family friend that Kyle, age 19, was in need, Chelsea, who was 22 at the time, expressed a desire to give up one of hers.

Although she offered, Kyle was “appreciative” but also doubtful. Little did he know that Chelsea had a past — a past in which her own father died of cancer after being in need of a bone marrow transplant. It was her wish that someone would have helped her father, and so this pushed her to help Kyle.

A year after meeting Kyle, she underwent the surgery. This was despite concerns from loved ones. Kyle responded to the kidney wonderfully but something else happened, too. As the article beautifully states, the two “turned out to be a perfect match in more ways than one, and after the procedure, the two started dating.” Three years after his transplant they got married.

According to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network as cited by ABC, there are “nearly 99,000” people on the waiting list to receive a kidney transplant. Kyle’s came into his life by way of a young woman with a generous caring heart. And not only did Kyle get a kidney, he got someone to share his life with, too.

For more on this touching story visit ABC News.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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