Words With Friends App Leads to More Than “Just Friends”

As the night shift nurse, I sat at the nurse’s station, watching my patient’s contractions on the monitor while she tried to get some rest.

Next to me, one of the new, young nurses tapped away on her iPhone. That was back in the day before I was cool enough to own an iPhone of course, so I gazed at her screen longingly. “Whatcha doing?” I asked her eagerly, certain it was something hip and wonderful that only iPhone owners could be a part of.

As it turns out, she was playing a game called “Words With Friends” with one of the other night shift nurses, who was at home, plagued by that common friend of night nurses, insomnia.

Although I now own an iPhone, I have to confess that I haven’t made the foray into any kind of games on my new BFF; we have a strictly professional relationship, with a few harmless Pinterest forays thrown in for good measure.

Nonetheless, the app is enormously popular.

And is it turns out, the app may be popular for more than “just friends.”

WWF Valentines Game Board

Apparently, the app for word-savvy users is also being used to create love connections. According to a February 11 press release from Zynga, hundreds of the app’s users are utilizing the “Smart Match” component of the game to find a random opponent. Many players admit to using the “Smart Match” to find a love match — one in 54 players have actually dated a player they found using Smart Match.

What’s more is that users find a way to profess their love via the app’s interface, with 83 percent of respondents admitting to having spelled out love letters to their opponent outside of the game.

From the sounds of it, “Words With Friends” might also make for some interesting foreplay — 60 percent of users says they thrive on playing with their significant other, with words like “love,” “adore,” and “passion” taking the top words for love.

Maybe a little competition is good for the ol’ relationship, huh?

Image via zynga

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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