Worst Marriage Proposal Ever (VIDEO)

fake arrest proposalTypically the desired outcome of a proposal is a “yes.” In some cases tears are involved, but most often, they are happy tears. The surprise, shock and sheer excitement over what may have been the moment she (the now bride to be) was always waiting for is enough to result in a flood of giggles, grins and tear stained cheeks. But what happens when the tears that fall aren’t happy tears? We’ve seen what happens when the proposal goes right but what about when it goes wrong.

In the case of Ben Vienneau and Marcia Belyea from Saint John, Canada there were plenty of tears. The sad kind. As part of an entry for a radio contest which would award the “wackiest proposal” with a wedding Ben made arrangements for a “mock arrest” of his girlfriend, enlisting his brother in law who was a police officer.

After getting pulled over Marcia learned that she owed $2000 in fines and would have to do jail time. Noteworthy is the fact that the officer went “off script” advising the worried Marcia that she had to get into his police car. Take a look at what happens next:

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What do you think, bad idea for a proposal? Did the officer take things too far? Was a special moment ruined by an attempt to make it the “wackiest”? It seems the bride to be isn’t too upset as the couple still has plans to wed next year even if they don’t win the contest. For more on this “fake arrest” marriage proposal visit Yahoo.

News Source: Yahoo
Video: Today Show via You Tube


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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