Would You Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot For Your Man?

“Ok, who’s ready for a sexy Christmas photo shoot for their men??” the email at the top of my inbox read. 

Intrigued, I clicked on it and read more.

Champagne, professional styling, hair and make-up, all with your best girlfriends in a luxury hotel suite…where you can be pampered, styled, and sip some bubbly all for the BEST Christmas present your man will ever receive  — the gift of YOU!!

So, apparently this is a thing. 

It’s called “boudoir” photography, and it’s all about creating a safe and comfortable environment for a woman to get her sexy on, on camera, all for her man. And although there is some seriously bedroom-worthy boudoir photographers out there, (made the mistake of Googling that — please be certain there are no teenage boys in the house if you do the same) for the most part, boudoir photography can be just a fun experience and make a unique gift for your man.

For instance, photographer Jacquelyn Brusie got the idea after she did a photo shoot with two lovely women, who are serious yoga devotees. The women did the photo shoot as a gift for their husbands, with some stunning results of their amazing bodies.

After the photo shoot, Jacquelyn thought it could be fun to put something similar together for women to do as special gifts for their men. She emailed some of her clients to gauge their interest in doing a fun and sexy photo shoot and found that although many of the women expressed hesitation, there was a lot of interest.

“I think a boudoir photo shoot is something that a lot of women might feel silly or nervous about,” explains Jacquelyn. “But if you make it a fun, girls-only event, a lot of women feel more comfortable.”

So that’s exactly what many photographers aim to do — instead of a serious and “posed” photo shoot with lights, camera, action, many women are choosing to find a photographer that will make it a fun girls’ night out.

“It’s a great idea if you can get a bunch of your girl friends together, and rent a hotel room, where you can all sip champagne and get ready together,” suggests Jacquelyn. Then, each women can go to a private room for her individual photo shoot with the photographer and leave with a sweet and sexy picture for her man. She also explains that many women find it helpful to hire a professional make-up and hair stylist for the night, splitting the cost between them, so they can feel confident and look their best.

“Boudoir shots make a great and unique gift for your man’s Christmas present!” Jacquelyn says with a smile.

Another really great use for the “boudoir shot” is to do a few pre-wedding shots to save as a special wedding present for your husband, something Jacquelyn is seeing increasing in popularity. Those types of shots are actually pretty easy, as they can be quickly snapped while the bride is already getting dressed for her big day. The shot above is a beautiful bride who did just that, and she was able to share the pictures with her husband as a nice little reminder of the fun to come on their honeymoon!

So, would you consider a boudoir photo shoot for your man?

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about the whole idea. Part of me thinks it could be really fun to do something so different. The sexiest I ever look is when I actually put on jeans for the day instead of my yoga pants, so I think it would really shock my husband if I surprised him with some sultry boudoir shots. On the other hand, I just don’t trust myself to actually look sexy instead of downright ridiculous in front of the camera. But then again, Jacquelyn reminds us that it’s really about having fun and when it comes right down to it, your man loves you in any form. So, yeah, I guess there’s that.

And also, I believe Champagne was mentioned.

So, what do you think? Boudoir photo shoots for your man: cheesy or fun? Would you try it? 

Image via J & J Brusie Photography 

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