Your Sleep Habits May Be Ruining Your Relationship

Better sleep equals a better relationship? Really?

I am constantly trying to improve myself and my marriage. So when I discovered a book about waking up early, and the positive impact it would have on my life, I was all over it.

The book comes with a challenge to wake up very early for 30 consecutive days. My goal was to get out of my bed by 5 am each day, weekends included. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Personally and relationally.

Changing my habits impacted my relationship

I learned quite a few things through it all. First, I found out in order for me to wake up early, I had to get in bed earlier than I had been. When I did that I got great sleep. When I didn’t, my sleep was okay at best.

I read a recent article on Your Tango about catching sleep and having better relationships. I can vouch as I experienced it during my 30-day challenge when getting better sleep. Our relationship began to have a different vibe based on how well I slept.

You should try it yourself!

Here are 7 reasons better sleep leads to a better marriage.

  • 7 Ways Better Sleep Leads to a Better Relationship 1 of 8
    7 Ways Better Sleep Leads to a Better Relationship

    Click through to see what changing your sleep habits to get better sleep will do for your relationship!

  • Increased energy 2 of 8
    Increased energy

    Getting better sleep is going to lead to increased energy. Being tired is one of the biggest excuses reasons for not having sex. Better sleep...increased less excuse reason to not having sex.

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  • Less irritable 3 of 8
    Less irritable

    Ever been around somebody always irritable (who is not your spouse). They are probably the person up late watching late night television. Inadequate sleep will lead you to being irritable. Your spouse doesn't want to be around somebody easily irritated and you don't either!

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  • Better health 4 of 8
    Better health

    Sleep is the way our bodies recover from the stresses we put it them each day. Yes, you love your spouse and will do anything necessary to take care of them. But how much more could you experience if you both were in great health. Getting better sleep is one way to stay in good health.

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  • Listen better 5 of 8
    Listen better

    Maybe your spouse is naturally a good listener. But they are lacking sleep, so they aren't as sharp as they can be. Encourage them to change their sleep habits so they can have better sleep. Your non-listening spouse just may become a great listener.

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  • More attractive 6 of 8
    More attractive

    "You look tired!" Yep, that is exactly what you say when someone looks bad. You know they don't normally look that bad, so it must be they didn't get good sleep. That is probably true. You want to look more attractive to your spouse? Get better sleep so you can look your absolute best. Bags are for vacation! And even then they shouldn't be on your face.


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  • Get more done 7 of 8
    Get more done

    Whether you work at home or outside of the home bad sleep is going to cause you to be less productive. The less productive you are the more stress you'll feel. Stress plus a relationship can be damaging. Changing sleep habits resulting in better sleep will enable your productivity to increase. Now you can focus on your relationship without the weight of things to do looming.

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  • Fun to be around 8 of 8
    Fun to be around

    When you have more energy, are less irritable, are in better health, and looking good you will feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself it will show, and others will get that vibe. Bring the fun back in your marriage by getting better sleep, and having more fun!

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Would you change your sleep habits if it lead to a better relationship?

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